Crocodile hunter Live, I have an idear...hehehe


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May 28, 2003
Ok, if you have seen this show, first off I am not sure how it classifies as "live" but whatever...neway he does trivia and if you win the next day HE will call you himself and B.S. with you (probably just says Hi, mate!) but neway...i was thinking if anyone wins one of these and he calls you...tell him the arachnoworld wants to see him do a full show on

Stromatopelma sp.

we all want to see him capture one...!!! :D You know he would try and you KNOW he would get bitten, hehehe he wouldn't forget that, oh and if you are unfamiliar with Stromatopelma sp. read this thread

=D It's not funny but Steve is soooo crazy you know he would climb up in some shorts and a short sleeve shirt and be like "crikey, i think I see one...he's moving fast...AGHHH he bit me...AGH...i see the lite..." lol, i was watching him last nite with some spitting cobras, and he kept saying "he's a bit grumpy, settle down fella settle down." uh DUH he is grumpy cuz you got him by the tail LOL!


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Apr 21, 2003
The first night was live..but since then all i have seen is a few short parts that are live...the rest is taped which is a bunch of crap..