How to: Create a User Gallery


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Sep 23, 2002
Please Note: Only users who have purchased one of our Arachnosupporter upgrades can create user albums.

To create your own album in the gallery section of the site:
  1. Go to Gallery -> Your Albums.
  2. Click "Add Media" near the top-right corner.
  3. Where it says, "Add media to," select "An album."
  4. To create a new album, select "Create an album" from the drop-down menu. (If you are not seeing this option on the mobile version, try the desktop version.)
  5. Where it says "People Who May Add media to," please choose "Owner Only." Otherwise, less attentive members will often upload their images to other people's albums.)
  6. To add photos to one of your existing albums, select the relevant album under "Your Albums."

Whether you upload to one of the site galleries or to one of your own albums, you can then embed those images in forum posts, comments, or conversations. Please do not create multiple threads on the Tarantula Pictures board. You can either submit your images to a single user thread, or you can submit them to an existing genus or species appreciation thread. (Each genus or species gets one thread.)

How to embed images in forum posts or gallery comments:
  1. Open the image (in Arachnoboards) that you want to embed.
  2. Copy the code in "Share BB (With Thumbnail) Code" or "Share BB GALLERY Code." (Both of these options allow the user to click the image for a link to the source.)
  3. Paste the code where you want the image to be in your forum post.

"Share BB IMG (With Thumbnail) Code" results in a small preview with a link to the original:

"Share BB GALLERY Code" results in a large preview with a link to the original:

Tutorial written by @Ungoliant
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Jul 16, 2002
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