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Jan 6, 2011
Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to apologize if this question has been asked again and again regarding temperature. But this one consists of my country's climate + room temperature :) If it has been posted before, I'm sorry for my negligence.

Anyways, here it goes. I'm still new in keeping Tarantula as a pet so I was wondering if it's safe to keep it in my room which is air conditioned. I usually set the air conditioner to 24°C ~ 25°C (75.2°F ~ 77°F) and occasionally 23°C (73.4°F) if it's a bit hot.

I live in Brunei Darussalam which is located at South East Asia.

This is the country's climate.

Brunei Darussalam has a tropical rainforest climate. The average annual temperature is 26.1 °C (79.0 °F), with the April–May average of 24.7 °C (76.5 °F) and the October–December average of 23.8 °C (74.8 °F).

Do you guys think that it's safe to keep a Tarantula in my room with air conditioner on throughout the day? (Especially night, since in the morning or afternoon, I usually turn it off and turn on the fan)

I'll be getting my first T and was worried that it might affect the T.

How about humidity?

Thanks guys for any responds. Any suggestions are welcomed :)

P/S - I'm getting a Nhandu chromatus :)
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Dec 14, 2009
Doesn't matter what your countrys climate is since you won't be keeping your tarantula outside. You're tarantula will be in a totally artificial environment so it is what you make it. Generally, I keep my T's temperature inside the tank between 25-30 degrees celcious. I keep the substrate moist for species that require high humidity and I don't worry about it for species that like it dry. Do some research specifically on the T that you are getting and adjust according to that.