Copyrights and Copyright Infringement

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Sep 23, 2002
Copyrighted material is not to be posted or distributed on Arachnoboards without explicit permission from the copyright holder. If you do have explicit permission from the copyright holder, then you MUST state so in your post.

Media (Video, Picture, Image, Photo, Graphics, Text, etc.) Use On Arachnoboards

Media used on Arachnoboards must either be owned or created by you or you must have permission from the copyright holder . By "used" we mean either through attaching to a post or through use of the "IMG" tag. If you neither own the picture, nor have permission to use it, post a link.

Use of Media from Arachnoboards

All media uploaded on Arachnoboards are copyrighted by either or the respective user who posted them. Media is NOT TO BE USED WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER!!!

Use of Pictures from The Scorpion Files

Jan Ove Rein, owner of The Scorpion Files has stated that it is acceptable to post links directly to the pictures which appear in his photo gallery. It is not, however, acceptable to use the "IMG" tag to directly include the picture in your post. We also ask, though we do not require, that you indicate the source of such material along with the link.
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