cool T story :-)


Old Timer
Jul 17, 2002
hey everyone, we had a pretty neat weekend yesterday!
A friend of mine is filming a movie, and he is using our pole barn for the final scene, which is in a bar with a heavy metal band playing. He found a band that was willing to come all the way out here to my house to play for us.
I mentioned to the drummer's g/f that I kept tarantulas, and she told me her b/f had one, and that she hated it since she is terrified of them.
Well, we started talking, and I showed her the baby versis! I also had a GBB and G rosea molting as I was showing her my collection! The upshot is that she was so impressed, that I ended up giving her a B albopilosum sling to add to their tiny collection of one! Turns out they have a red phase G rosea. I converted another arachnophobic...yay!
I have to say, it was really neat to show her my spiders, talk about them, and have her totally fascinated with them....