confident tarantulas


Mar 14, 2003
It seems that some of the most beautiful tarantulas are the most shy (e.g. H.lividum). Are there any species who dont have the constant need to feel hidden?

I've heard that A.geniculata was a good species for display because of their confidence, but I havent kept any species of the like, except, arguably, my G. rosea. I'm just curious if anyone has any opinions on this topic.


Old Timer
Apr 19, 2003
I have 3 t's right now a Rose Hair, Common Pinktoe, and a Suntiger. The Rose is always out sitting never in her home. The Pinktoe used to hide in the back corner where she had a little web but recently she has been sitting on the front of her log and on the fake fungus where she is clearly visible and the suntiger I can also always see but she is just little right now so she is in a small container and from what i hear they hide alot when they are bigger. I think that if u want a T that will always be out go with the A.geniculata. I think I am going to get one in about a week or so and i hear they are always out and visible and in my opinion very beautiful tarantulas. And yes I agree that the more stunning the T the more likely they are to be hiding.

Anyways good luck with pickin something out I know its a hard job.