communal housing


Jan 10, 2007
Ive been given a P.fasciata approx 3" legspan that i have been led to believe is out of the same eggsac as one i already own that is the same size. my friend gave it me as she was uncomfortable with the size. The supplier we obtained them from kept them communally but i am concerned that because they have been separated, they may not be compatible any more...

I'm aware that the general rule is that T's shouldnt be kept communally, however ive read that pokies are an exception. the tank i would be puting them together in is vertically orientated 36" x 12" x12". What experience have you guys had with keeping these little beauties communally.


Old Timer
Mar 25, 2006
i have just started a communal tank with 5 regalis - lost one to a fall i believe. They are all about 2.5cm from the same eggsack and unseperated and seem to be doing well.

I am currently keeping them in a 12''x12''x18'' arboreal tank with lots of hiding places. And plenty of food around. - Hiding places and food are the key, as is told in other threads.

I dont know what will happen if you were to put the other spider back in with yours - but i believe breading pairs are able to be kept together for months at a time.

If you were brave enough you could always try it, but you risk a injured T or one fat T.

That's all i can say i'm a beginner on the communal tank projects, you could search other forums for info to.