Common Premolt Behavior


Jul 8, 2010
Hey everyone,

So I have a few T's in premolt right now, and Ive been noticing some behaviors from them lately in which they dont normally exhibit during this time. For example, today my ever so loving and always calm (and used to being touched and handled) G. Pulchripes turned and struck at me with the full intention of a bite! Shes never done that before and she is 7 years old. She has been in premolt for about 3 weeks now...also, my L. Parahybana started climbing the walls of her enclosure..she has never done that before and she has been in premolt for about 2 weeks. I havent offered either of them food in a few weeks because normally they refuse it when they are getting ready to molt...but I didnt think that had anything to do with either behavior..Can someone tell me what sort of behavior is fairly common for T's in premolt? Also, Id be enlightened if you would also share some of the strange things your T's do during their premolts.


Aug 27, 2010
i am no expert but some of my T's go bipolar when they are in premolt, i just leave them alone untill their mood improves, i think that molting is more stress with age for them and they get all cranky and pissy before they molt when they are older. I have a rosie thats in premolt right now and just when i open the tank she charges out trying to JUMP yes JUMP up and bite me