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Collinsville Pets and Reptiles. Collinsville, IL




From a tarantula point of view, I couldn't give it positive. If I were a major reptile buff, it'd be a positive.

Although a few things kinda bugged me. A few of their lizards had rubbed off their noses, which I guess isn't entirely their fault, but they could still do something to atleast try to prevent it.

They know their stuff, but they do occasionally give bad information (Hell, they gave me a 10 gallon aquarium for my 3 inch G. Rosea.). They told me that my Blue Tongue Skink would be just fine on a diet of just crickets. They're omnivours, they're supposed to eat 60% veggies, 40% meat so they were kinda wrong there.

He also told me that most Ts don't need deep substrate because they web up in corners instead of burrowing most of the time. Although he admitted that his main specialty is reptiles and only knows a little about T's.

He also has Red knees labeled as Red Legs, which I guess is a common mistake, but he was told they aren't the same thing but never changed them.

His current selection is nothing spectacular. He has uh..either a giant african milipede or a giant desert milipede, emporer scorps, G. Rosea, and B. Smithis but says he can order anything we need.

I don't want this review to sound too negative, because while there are a few minor problems, they are far out weighed by the positives....as long as you're a reptile, fish, bird, or rodent fan. They're all taken care of and well fed.

Also some pretty good prices. He gives you discounts on everything if you buy it as a package set. Oh, and if you like Sugar Gliders (My girlfriend REALLY wants one, but she won't let me get one unless we're living together, heh) they're on sale at the time I write this for $109, that's just about $45ish less than what it usually is.

If he got more T's, I'd give him a positive. Great place for reptile fans and fans of soft, fuzzy critters. Not so great place for bug-like fans.


Dec 16, 2004
Highly recommend

I Highly recommend if you live in belleville,caseyville,collinsville and are looking for any kind of pet go to this pet store they are awesome I go there all the time they are really nice and helpful so I Highly recommend for anybody who is from caseyville,collinsville,belleville :) They know their stuff