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Collection of anatomy picture sets

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by snippy, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. snippy

    snippy Arachnobaron

    Hi there!

    Since I maintain a similar thread in another board I thought I would post the collection of anatomy picture sets here, too. Most links go to PDF files, some to threads of two german boards.
    Please note that the content is not mine (apart from one singe PDF).

    Androctonus amoreuxi (female) (PDF)

    Androctonus australis (female) (PDF)

    Androctonus bicolor (male) (PDF)

    Androctonus crassicauda (female) (PDF)

    Androctonus finitimus (female) (PDF)

    Androctonus finitimus (male) (PDF)

    Androctonus mauritanicus (female) (PDF)

    Androctonus mauritanicus (male) (PDF)

    Babycurus gigas (female) (PDF)

    Belisarius xambeui (PDF)

    Bothriurus cf. dumayi

    Buthacus arenicola (female) (PDF)

    Buthus paris (PDF)

    Centruroides arctimanus (female) (PDF)

    Centruroides arctimanus (male) (PDF)

    Centruroides barbudensis (female) (PDF)

    Centruroides barbudensis (male) (PDF)

    Centruroides chiapanensis (female) (PDF)

    Centruroides chiapanensis (male) (PDF)

    Centruroides gracilis (female) (PDF)

    Centruroides gracilis (male) (PDF)

    Centruroides margaritatus (female) (PDF)

    Centruroides margaritatus (male) (PDF)

    Chaerilus celebensis (female) (PDF)

    Compsobuthus rugosulus (PDF)

    Compsobuthus werneri (PDF)

    Euscorpius italicus

    Grosphus ankarana (male) (PDF)

    Grosphus flavopiceus (male) (PDF)

    Grosphus madagascariensis (female) (PDF)

    Grosphus madagascariensis (male) (PDF)

    Hadogenes troglodytes

    Hadrurus arizonensis

    Hadrurus arizonensis

    Hottenotta alticola (PDF)

    Hottenotta arenaceus (PDF)

    Hottenotta buchariensis (female) (PDF)

    Hottentotta gentili (male) (PDF)

    Hottentotta h. nigrocarinatus (female) (PDF)

    Hottentotta hottentotta ex. Togo (female) (PDF)

    Hottentotta hottentotta Burkina Faso

    Hottentotta hottentotta Burkina Faso Spec. Instar 2

    Hottentotta hottentotta Uganda spec.

    Hottenotta jalalabadensis (female) (PDF)

    Hottenotta jayakari (male) (PDF)

    Hottentotta salei (female) (PDF)

    Hottentotta trilineatus (male&female) (PDF)

    Isometrus maculatus (male&female) (PDF)

    Iurus sp. ex Rhodos (female) (PDF)

    Liocheles waigiensis ex. Marinduque (female) (PDF)

    Liocheles waigiensis ex. Marinduque (male) (PDF)

    Liocheles waigiensis ex. Romplon (female) (PDF)

    Liocheles waigiensis ex. Romplon (male) (PDF)

    Lychas scutilus (male) (PDF)

    Mesobuthus caucasicus (male) (PDF)

    Mesobuthus eupeus haarlovi

    Mesobuthus eupeus haarlovi (female) (PDF)

    Mesobuthus martensii (female) (PDF)

    Mesobuthus martensii (male) (PDF)

    Nebo hierochonticus (PDF)

    Opisthacanthus rugiceps (PDF)

    Opistophthalmus boehmi (male) (PDF)

    Opistophthalmus capensis (female) (PDF)

    Opistophthalmus carinatus (PDF)

    Opistophthalmus glabrifrons (female) (PDF)

    Opistophthalmus macer (female) (PDF)

    Opistophthalmus wahlbergii (female) (PDF)

    Opistophthalmus wahlbergii (PDF)

    Pandinus cavimanus (female) (PDF)

    Pandinus imperator

    Pandinus ugandaensis (PDF)

    Parabuthus liosoma

    Parabuthus liosoma (female) (PDF)

    Parabuthus mossambicensis (female) (PDF)

    Parabuthus pallidus

    Parabuthus villosus "black" (male&female) (PDF)

    Rhopalurus crassicauda (female) (PDF)

    Rhopalurus garridoi (male) (PDF)

    Rhopalurus junceus (male) (PDF)

    Rhopalurus pintoi (female) (PDF)

    Sassandiotus gracilis (PDF)

    Scorpio maurus fuscus

    Scorpio maurus fuscus (PDF)

    Scorpio maurus (PDF)

    Scorpiops pseudomontanus (male) (PDF)

    Tityus asthenes (female) (PDF)

    Tityus asthenes (male) (PDF)

    Tityus magnimanus (male) (PDF)

    Tityus cf. silvestris (female) (PDF)

    Tityus cf. silvestris (male) (PDF)

    Urophonius granulatus (PDF)

    Uroplectes olivaceus (male) (PDF)

    New entries will be marked with "*"!

    Last edited: Feb 24, 2012
  2. Very nice! Thankyou for sharing them!
  3. InfestedGoat

    InfestedGoat Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Oh my! Thanks so much for this! (the A.bicolor link isnt working)

    ANDROGOD Arachnopeon

    This is fantastic! I think it should be a sticky.
  5. Thanks Finn! Do you know if Leo has done any more? These are a great reference!
  6. AzJohn

    AzJohn Arachnoking Old Timer

    Very nice thank you.
  7. Great job! Thanks!
  8. snippy

    snippy Arachnobaron

    No problem guys!

    Leo obviously has posted his files before. I did not know that, this threads seems rather redundant now. Anyways, there are some more in here, that are not his, so it is not totally useless :)

    @ Tuhin: Yes, he has. The new ones he posted today are already included here.

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