Collecting Silverfish Bugs To Keep As Pets... Please Help!!!!!


Oct 1, 2015
Hello. I am just now seeing all the responses again! I am STILL trying desperately to keep silverfish as pets. They all died within a week for no reason. I noticed that they seem to lose their dark body color when they are getting weaker/sick. Then when they die they look shriveled up into nothing in size and or very light (body color) like ghosts when they started out much darker in the beginning!

Please help me! I am down to one last fish and he was one who I loved more than any of them. Smarter, faster, just a perfect pet. But he too is sick now. He is trying so hard to recover. I need anyone who can tell me what to feed him/give him to help him get stronger again and recover. Also to feed other silverfish. The guy who said he kept 5 of them in a jar, are they still alive now? Because anytime I kept more than 1 of them in a cup (I store them in plastic cups in my bathroom) they always seemed to attack each other and one or both of them were dead within 2 days. So how do these fish ever coexist with any of your collections? They always seem to kill each other.

Another thing I noticed is when I have a few in cups next to each other they are always talking/communicating with each other. And they will actually go to sleep in the same body position as the other fish they see next to them! It's as if they are mirroring the other "friends" of theirs! Yet they are NOT supposed to be social creatures.

But please someone help me cure this poor fish. I am so sad as he was the best silverfish I have ever caught! I felt so close to him (and still do).

Anybody, please help soon...>

Travis Antula

Jul 12, 2017
You shouldn't take something as a pet if you don't know what to feed it. But... Silverfish feed on carbohydrates, particularly sugars and starches. Cellulose, shampoos, glue in books, linen, silk and dead insects may be food sources.