Coconut husk + a little mold


Old Timer
Aug 21, 2006
Been using coco husk for about 2 years now and no matter how wet Ive made it in the past never had any mold form. But now I have some of the short white fluf forming around the little 2-liter bottle cap I use for a water source. I do the overflow the water dish each time I fill it up. Just enough to moisten maybe 2-1/2" around the dish and it maybe soaks in about 1/2". This moisture generally evaperates in about 4-5 days and only gets wet again upon refill, which is about every 8 days or so.

This mold is in 1 of 3 identical small KK with about 2 inchs of substrate. Identical setups to the very last part (all made same day).

Heres my guess, tell me if you have any other ideas as to the possible origin.

I think maybe I missed a food leftover from the last feedings (about 3 week ago). It then enlarged its burrow, went into premolt, and wound up burying a cricket ball or 2 under the excavated ground.

My best guess.

I removed the affected area including a good portion of the surrounding area and replaced with fresh. But I think im gonna replace it all over the weekend when I have a little more time.

Its a little 2.75" N.Coloratovillosus.

Ok ive rattled on enough (dam this post got wordy :wall: )

Anyone else with mold on coconut? And if so did you narrow it down to something specific? This info will just help me out to minimize any future problems, thanks all :worship: