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Old Timer
Oct 1, 2010
Chris Jacobson....i recently did a trade with him, last monday i shipped out some roaches that i was trading to him for some florida bark scorpions...well i sent mine out on 3/14/11, and then he was supposed to ship his out .. he recieved the roaches on 3/16/11, and said that they arrived and were good...then came friday 3/18/11, he said that he only had 1 heat pack left, and it wouldnt heat up, so he would get some over the weekend, and ship out on monday 3/21/11, and i was completely ok with this...i understood...then monday 3/21/11 night, i got on arachnoboards, and no message from him, so i messaged him to see if he shipped out..and he got on arachnoboards 5 minutes after i messaged him...and no response...then on tuesday 3/22/11 i got on arachnoboards and no response...so i messaged him once again and asked if he was able to ship them out yet, and then again, today 3/23/11, no response....if anyone has any info please help me out....and as far as i can see i got ripped, and would suggest that you stay away from dealings with this user, and he still gets online everyday, and doesnt message me, pretending like it never happened...