Chinese Mantids Come Full Circle


Old Timer
Dec 11, 2006
As most of the regular readers of this board know I have been raising Chinese Mantids from oothecae to adults. Well, last Wed. I put together a male and female. It was quite interesting to watch. The female outstretched herself and stayed in this frozen position for a good 45 minutes while the male slowly crawled all over her. Taking a couple of steps at a time then waiting a few more minutes to move again, making sure he didn't spook her.

When he jumped on her he ended up with his head near her abdomen. Carefull he positioned himself, little by little, so that he was finally head to head with her. They both twisted their abdomens around and touched ever so briefly. I didn't think that had mated. It was just too quick. Finally the male got off of the female very slowly and moved away from her. I thought that was it - I would have to remate them another time.

Today I was hand feeding my females to make sure they are not hungry when I place them with the male. I fed the one that I had tried to mate first, she ate 3 mealworms and then refused more. I placed her into her container and got the next female so I could hand feed her. When I was done with the second female I picked up the first and was astonished to she she had started laying an ootheca. I was delighted to see this in person. It was an amazing site. I placed her aside so I wouldn't bother her. She was busy at work laying her eggs.

With the laying of this ootheca my Chinese Mantis keeping has come full circle. I srated with an ootheca and now I end with one. I feel so lucky to have seen all of this in person.