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Jun 27, 2003

Received some B. smithi lings', and a huge B. emilia female from Chen. Great packaging(actually gave me some nice containers that he used)! A++ Definitely recommend him to others!


Old Timer
Dec 21, 2002

Ok. Scott asked me to put in more detail so here is my old post. This has since been resolved so I no longer need any other help with this problem. Thanks to those that did help out.

"Warning!! Everyone please read and help!!
Mods. I posted this here because it will get the most exposure in a short time. Move it if you feel it is necessary but I would like to see it here for a while.

Here is the story. I replied to an add posted by Chen Lei on June 17th on the ATS website. A copy of the add is below. Chen had been posting similar list for several months looking to trade for a Red tail Boa. Slowly he added more t's to each post and I finally responded to his post when he added some t’s I needed. I ended up making a deal with him for $810 + 30 Black Widows and a PR giant centipede for the entire list. I asked him to call me and we talked for a few minutes. I sent him a $150 money order for a deposit because I was leaving the country for 5 weeks.

When I got back he said a friend is caring for the t's while he was out of town and would ship them once the other $660 arrived. I sent the payment by overnight Express so that It would arrive on Wednesday so he could ship the same week. That is the last I heard from Chen up to date.

That was over 2 weeks ago. I don't know if there is even a "friend" or just a made up person. After 5 days and many e-mails I finally heard from the "friend". He said sorry for not getting back with me and would ship. I did not hear back or get a package so I called Chen and left several messages on his cell. I also send Chen and the "friend" several e-mails. I did not hear anything ever from Chen but once I sent an e-mail stating enough is enough and that I will turn all IP address from the e-mails, the phone # and my entire e-mail history to my attorney and the police I got a response. I have never threatened anyone in any way before but I was out $810 and a decent amount for the trade items.

I did not hear from Chen but the "friend". I had sent copies of my "I'm about to file a police report" to both e-mail address. The "friend" said sorry again I could not contact you because my computer was down. He said he had shipped but the package was returned for no reason several days later. That was a lie because the tracking # he gave me shows that the package was never mailed. It would have been a simple thing to find another computer contact me if he was on the level. I had sent my cell # too. I was home all day for 2 days waiting for the package and no delivery attempts were made. The package was never sent ant the bogus tracking # he sent proves it. He said he would reship once again after I was forced to once threaten to contact the authorities a 2nd time. At this point it was over 2 weeks and I guess he got scarred and said he would ship the next day. That was yesterday. The tracking # he gave me showed a package on the way. Today it arrived and it was a box literally full of garbage. He had shipped garbage just to buy himself some time. How would you feel if that happened to you? Yea, me too. I'm pissed.

I had spent hours upon hours preparing homes for the t's. Not to mention several hundred more $$$ on the homes themselves.

Right now I'm out my $150 deposit and my trade items. I still have a chance of getting back my $660 since it was not cashed. The money order has been flagged so that’s good.

If you have ever dealt with Chen Lei or the “friend” Li Hom(if he is real) please contact me. I have his cell # and his IP address. If the friend does happen to be real and Chen has moved like he once told me he was planning the package below my appear for sale in part or whole. I’m not after the t’s if you bought them. I just want to nail this guy or guys. The most obvious t of course it the X. immanis 6" female. Any help you can give me would be great.

I have an address that I send the money orders in the Baltimore, MD area. If you know of anyone like a police officer that can check out the address let me know.

DO NOT respond to this post here. E-mail or PM me.

Here is the add he posted.

3 Rio Grande Gold (Aph. moderatum) 2-3"
2 MEXICAN BLOND Aphonopelma chalcodes 3"(mated with male)
1 Costa Rican Stripe Knee (Aph. seemani) 4"female
6 Aph. anax 3-5"
1 Honduran Curley Hair (B. albopilosum) 5"female
2 Brazilian Black and White (B. coloratum) .5"-1"
1 Mexican Red Knee (B. smithi) 5female
1 Brachypelma boehmei .5"
1 Brachypelma vagans 5" females
1 (C. crawshayi) 6?females
2 (C. cyanopubescens) 4-5" females(all were mated with a male)
1 (C. fasciata) 3" female
1 (G. rosea) 4" female
1 P. regalis 7" female
1 P. fascitas 7" female
1(P. irminia) 5" female
1 Haitian Brown 5" female
2 Green velvet 2" and 5" female
1 Peruvian Ghost 5" female
1 X. immanis 6" Proven female
Trade for a baby MALE albino redtail boa. Email me your offers. Thanks
*Will trade spiderlings for Black Widow and Bark Scorpions."

End of old post.

For those that care to know, I did go through the postal inspectors and worked with a federal agent. He was able to get a portion of my cash back after several weeks of work and some help from my attorney. I way willing to leave the matter at just getting some of my cash back. I could have pressed charges but chose not to. If anyone want any other info let me know.

The reason I was able to get anything back on this deal is because I was tracing IP addresses, kept all e-mail records, did some recearch on him before the deal went through and some other info that I have to keep to my self.

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