Chaco Golden Knee


Feb 24, 2007
Would a 5 Gallon tank be to Small for a Chaco Golden knee
(Grammostola aureostriata)
Iv heard that the Chaco Golden knee Is a very docile & make very Good pet tarantulas, & are they bad for kicking hairs?


Old Timer
Sep 29, 2006
depends on the individual. ime, adult females are pretty laid back most of the time, but i had a juvie that would kick hair at the slightest provocation. so the answer is: depends ;).

as long as you leave them be and don't handle them, they are great display ts, out in the open a lot and not at all skittish. many also tolerate a certain amount of handling, but almost any t will start kicking hairs or getting nervous if you get on their nerves too much. remember: handling is always only your own fun, for the t being removed from its tank is stress.


Old Timer
Sep 17, 2006
My aureos is awesome. As small slings and juvies they tend to be defensive and skittish but they grow out of it. My juvenile female is perfect. Always calm, docile and always out in the open.
" For the t being removed from its tank is stress " Mine climbs out of the tank onto my hand most of the time. When she's out she sits there quietly and just sits there.. minding her own business... Doesn't seem stressed. Some tolerate it, others don't. Spiders are all individuals.. most say G rosea's (chile rose) are similar and tolerate holding etc and are sweet and calm and docile, but i have an adult female who is as evil as they come! She comes out to eat me alive when the tank is moved, and attacks me and the tweezers rather than the cricket. She follows the tweezers round the tank, striking at them and im doin my best to keep away from her! Evil c*w lol

Here's my girl on my hand..