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Cercophonius squama


Jul 23, 2006
Wood Scorpion - Cercophonius squama

Well thes guys suprised me a bit with the pucnch they pack (nothing compared to asian and S american species)

I was stung while collecting them.. I was carring him before i go to a container and he stung the inside tip of my right index finger....

It stung for a about 2min ....then slowly subsided till about the 10min mark and the pain was gone compeletly. It was slighlty ichy during this 10min time frame

No swelling at all i could see

And as no Aus scorp is considered deadly i wasnt worried about carrying these guys around in bare hands (have been bitten by other species before this one)

having said the above though .... there is one suspected death caused by scorp sting and that is from the above species....apparently a toddler in Tasmainia was stung by one as that is the only cause of death they can find and the scorp was found near the body.