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Ceratogyrus marshalli


Sep 2, 2009
Mating: 04th March 2010..

Kokon laid: 27th May 2010..

Kokon opened: 02nd July 2010. (L2)

First molt: 26th July 2010.

Slings: 55

There were cca.50 pieces died L1 iin the eggsac.



Aug 15, 2010
C.marshalli babies!

BREEDING REPORT: Ceratogyrus marshalli

1st Attempt (Feb.19, 2011): Successful
Laid eggs: April 15, 2011 (55 days from mating)
RESULTS: Pending

Female dropped her egg-sac today! Started to create her bed of web last night, caught her this morning laying her eggs. All I have to do now is wait.


BREEDING REPORT: Ceratogyrus marshalli

May 6, 2011
1st Attempt (Feb.19, 2011): Successful
Laid eggs: April 15, 2011 (55 days from mating)
Resuls: 108 slings (May 6, 2011)

Mommy drank all she can!

C.marshalli babies out and about.



Old Timer
Jul 31, 2007
Ceratogyrus marshalli

Female number: Ce_ma_1

Female's most recent molt: 3-Jun-11

Date of first pairing: 17-Jul-11

Total pairings: 1

Male number: Ce_ma_3

Male's ultimate molt date: 01-Apr-11

Eggsac found: 5-Mar-12

Eggsac pulled: 17-Mar-12

Condition of eggs when pulled: Eggs

Post embryo molt: 18-Mar-12

First instar molt: 28-Mar-12

Second instar molt: 16-Apr-12



Oct 1, 2010

Female last molt Unknown
Male matured 10-18-12 On loan from nolmt2
Temp 80F Humidity 50%

1. 11-18-12 Placed male with female. Male immediately began drumming/vibrating. Female responded with alot of drumming.
They found eachother. The male hooked the female. There was either no insertions, or one fast one. Male removed.
2. 11-20-12 Place male with female. They found eachother. Male immediately hooked female and got in several good insertions. Male removed.

3. 12-10-12 Female building burrow/remodeling.
4. 12-18-12 Female dropped sac.

5. 1-14-13 Found 1st instars everywhere outside of sac in nursery web.

6. 1-15-13 Seperated 1st instars into incubator. 271 good 1st instars. 2 dead ewls.

7. 1-29-13 1st instars darkening up.

8. 2-1-13 thru 2-3-13 Molting into 2nd instars. Total of 271 good 2nd instar.


Old Timer
Dec 12, 2005
Successful breeding of-

Ceratogyrus marshalli
Both spiders purchased for £35 for small AF and MM.

Date- 2.3.2013 Pairing was very easy with the female very receptive and took around 10-15 minutes from courtship to the end.

Post mating care-
Female was fed well for around two weeks and placed on the warmer higher shelf of around 82F.This is all that was done until she sealed herself in and stopped feeding.

Date- 4.4.2013 Female found with an eggsac.No special care was taken except a T-shirt placed over the top of her tub and disturbance kept to a minimum.

Eggsac pulled-
Date pulled- 25.04.2013 The eggsac was pulled and opened to find EWLS but darkening into N2,around 100 good nymphs with roughly 20 bad brown eggs at the bottom of the eggsac.All nymphs placed into the incubator at 84F and 95% humidity.

N2 stage-
Date- 26.04.2013 First nymph found at the N2 stage.more followed that day and the next.

Spiderling moult-
Date-10.05.2013 First spiderlings were emerging.


Old Timer
Dec 12, 2005
C.marshalli success
Pre mating care-
Female was well fed for about 1 week prior to pairing,that was all.
Mating- 17/10/13
Male and female tubs were put next to eachother and lids taken off,after around 10 minutes the male climbed the side and got to the lip of the females tub and started vibrating and drumming to which she responded by coming out her burrow.She then got to the side directly underneath the male and lifted herself up and leant backwards.The male got one very fast insertion with a single palp and she calmly retreated back to her burrow.

Post mating care-
The female was fed around 4 roaches a week for a couple weeks until she stopped eating and then I tipped a small amount of water into her tub and heated up to about 84F.

Eggsac- 04/12/13
Female found making an eggsac during the day.Everything looked fine.

Eggsac pulled- 23/12/13

Eggsac was pulled to find roughly 200 nymphs (EWL) Then the sac was placed into an incubator and left for them to climb out when theyre ready.

N2 stage- 26/12/13
All came out the sac over the next couple days and left 8-10 bad eggs in the bottom of the sac.

Slings- 10/01/14