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Centruroides sp. Mexico

senor ocho

Old Timer
Nov 4, 2003
Whoa Nelly! This was one painful ordeal! I was talking with Swifty at the time, as he could vouch for my level of ouch.
We were discussing scorps at the time, and I thought while on the phone, I was reaching in to the Diplocentrus spitzeri enclosure. BIG DUMBA*S mistake, as my fingers had latched around a piece of cork in the Centruroides sp. enclosure, from Pajaritos. Immediately I got hit flush on the right side of the right index finger by one of the gravid females in the enclosure. The pain was fast and BRUTAL!!! A white hot pain could be felt at the site of the sting, and the rest of the finger was in a pins and needles sensation, which was throbbing one minute, numb the next. The pain lasted from 11:00 AM PST May 5 to 8:00 PM PST the following day Thursday May 6. I could do little but drink water and coffee to wait the sting out. The neurotoxin prevented the use of the finger for the entire time, and the top of my forearm and right bicep were also numb from 11:30 AM May 5 - 8:00 AM May 6. The "inflictor" was only 2" on a good day, so quite a heavy sting from such a diminutive animal. I knew and respected the 3-4 venom level on these buggers, but I still acted foolishly, and like a rookie. Nobody's fault but mine. Heck, I've got 12 years dealing with scorps and I still got slammed. Good thing I carry 185 lbs on my 5' 7 frame. So everybody out there, please continue to maintain your scorps in a responsible manner. The minute one of us falls over dead will be the minute we're restricted from keeping these glorious and fascinating animals. And know what friggin enclosure you're reaching in to!!!!!
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