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Centruroides bicolor and Centruroides nigrescens

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by BeakerTheMighty, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. BeakerTheMighty

    BeakerTheMighty Arachnosquire

    I know that these species are hard to come by but I have been looking desperately and I am wondering if anyone is aware of anyone in the U.S. breeding or keeping Centruroides bicolor or Centruroides nigrescens?
  2. Nungunugu

    Nungunugu Arachnosquire

    I'm keeping both of them, and I'm trying to breed them. To bad I'm not living in the US.

    C.nigrescens are at the Moment almost impossible to get. I know (including me) of only 4 guys keeping this species.
  3. BeakerTheMighty

    BeakerTheMighty Arachnosquire

    I'm pretty sure Centruroides bicolor is available, just infrequently, in the U.S. Centruroides nigrescens I have never heard of being available. I assume your specimens came from a European source as well then?
  4. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

    there's a lot of debate over bicolors in the US and while there may be a few here and there, the majority are typically C. margaritatus "bicolor" ive seen a few people who had true bicolors, but they all tend to be very cloak and dagger about it, especially since theyre trying to create breeding stock and if word got out they had some people would be blowing up their inboxes trying to buy and trade for them and so on. there at least a few attempts i am aware of, but to the best of my knowledge none to date have been successfull.

  5. calum

    calum Arachnoprince

    I've only seen a handfull of people on these boards with C.bicolor, most of them were european. we get all the rare ones. :D
  6. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

    you dont. ya lousy scott ;) ;P

  7. calum

    calum Arachnoprince

    stop it. :(

    lucky central europeans. -_-
  8. BeakerTheMighty

    BeakerTheMighty Arachnosquire

    BTW is anyone aware of C. schmidti in the the U.S. at the moment? I've never heard of this species for sale but never hurts to ask. As for C. nigrescens I am probably gonna have to look at getting the paper work filled out and trying to get one from the reptile show in Hamm germany if someone has em.
  9. Salve

    I sell some Centruroides nigrescens Instar 2.
    But you have to pick them up in Hamm.

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