Centruriodes bicolor...availability?


Old Timer
Feb 22, 2003
Does anyone know if Centruriodes bicolor is available anywhere?

I have been looking for quite a while, but other than literature, I can not find this scorp available for purchase. It is not listed by CITIES as needing any special permits (nor is it protected), and I don't see it listed/restricted as an import/export in Costa Rica either.

Any leads would be appreciated...finders fee.



Old Timer
Jan 6, 2003
After six years of searching, the only ones that may be in in the country have been brought in not knowing what species they are. The few that may have been brought in, were probably purchased by people with very little scorpion knowledge and have probably since then, died off. They may be slightly more avail in Europe, but still would be extremely difficult to come across. I have military friends stationed all over the world in search of scorps that I do not have, but none have had too great of success finding any that were any more unavail. than in the states. I've also been in search of any Tityus species for the past seven years, but to my success, have only found one and couldn't aquire it. Perhaps one day, you may see a post of someone asking of the species and you just might get lucky enough to find one or two. Just be on the lookout.

edw. :D