Centipede Unknown Species For ID

Eduardo Monreal

Nov 22, 2016
I am from the Philippines.
I live in the southern big island of Mindanao.
In the province of Bukidnon.
In the city of Malaybalay.

Here we were able to hunt a centipede species which
we could not identify. And it cannot be identified either
by some expert hobbyist here.

Some pseudo-experts call it Ethmostigmus sp Yellow Leg.
Meaning, they named it just a species of the Ethmostigmus family
and that it has yellow legs.

I know this is wrong. And if this is not corrected, this
will become right in the long run.

As i see it, it is not really yellow leg at all (see photo).
The lower legs have a color combinations of green, orange and yellow.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to reply your opinion. ;-) ;-) ;-)



Dec 25, 2014
Such an amazing centipede. Sadly, when it comes to those wonderful animals, from the little I was able to learn, I am under the impression that a lot is made 'sailing by sight', unlike for arachnids.

That's why 'you' have CB T's of all sorts (well, ok. Almost) but when it comes to centipedes, 90% (if not more) are pure WC. And as a plus, often gravid, like happened to me with a S.subspinipes that I bought, obviously, unsexed.

Sure, I suppose enters the market demand (people buy T's, not centipedes, let's be honest) thus cash inside this issue, still sucks.