Centipede Housing


Mar 30, 2021
So like legit i mean im not new to centipedes or whatever ive been taking care of a lot of animals and insects for like a while and have a ton of successful ant colonies and stuff and wasp nests and a lot of other good stuff but like i recently got me a tanzanian black headed centipede and i have a 10 gallon tank that im getting it ready for but i know that they can get really big so does anyone have any recommendations cuz like so far, all the centipedes ive been working on so far have been successful in most containers. 3-5 gallon tanks, mostly. they thrive. but this big one, who is currently a baby and soon will be molting, i need a bit of advice for her later life.


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Dec 4, 2013
I don't know where you got yur info from, but a Tanzanian black headed centipede is in all likelihood Scolopendra morsitans and those really don't get very big at all. You'll be lucky if it hit 6-7", and they're of slender build. If it was mislabelled and is in fact an Ethmostigmus trigonopodus then you're looking at similar length tops, but a lot bulkier. Both of those will be perfectly happy in a 5 gallon tank.