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Sep 4, 2015
Nah, no need for. I don't follow fashion. Today everyone own nukes: old good Kim, Israel 100+ pure Biblical Samson style, my choosy and quite annoying pillaging French neighbours, China, Brits, India, Pakistan, Iran working on that, Italy holding U.S nuke stuff, let alone my friend Donald with his "nuke bag".

Now to invent, on the other hand, a Internet "3. something" powerful enough to deliver strong doses of Ebola virus so fast just like the Drencrom, or Vellocet, or Synthemesc milk fall into a Droog throat just leaving a comment on a forum would be funny :-s
Ebola over the Internet. Interesting. EboIP


Oct 5, 2013
I said nothing about a water dish in the comment you quoted.
The Nasty fall indicating Ir could fall on the waterdish. My old spider was in a ten gall and I thought he was jumping off had about 5 - 6 inches of substrait. ten or 15 inches from the top. It never hurt itself. Although the waterdsih potentially could have. some other breed may have got hurt from it but the bohemei I had seemed to handle " The Great Fall " ( i thought he was jumping off ) I had a big alien scull in there he use to climb and it jumped off it lots. I think I even seen him jump on a few times But Only a few times and I didnt believe what I saw. and My dad was here looking at him and He jumped on the scull ( A good 6-7 inches ) and dad said Wow did you see that He jumped. And no he didnt die from falling. he seemd to know where the danger was he never seemed to fall near anyhitng hard. just the soft stuff lol. SOrry Darkness perhaps I read too far in between lines
Not not im nessesesarily in approvale of a great fall potential. I think is definatly safer with more substrait to prevent that. which makes me think of the question now. How many inches would be considered dangerous for it ? I believe it can vary from T to T depending its size and accrobatidness and stuff. Not counting hard and pointy objects. just a fall into some substrait. How much space before the roof ?
I have mabey 5 inches from my rooftop, but I dont like it with him being how fast he is, If he wanted to run up the side and out I tihnk he could. if the roof came off. Easily as a mattter of fact. I admit my last tank was pushing it. I think Id be comftorble with 10 inches of headspace. Opinions ? theres pics of my old tank up here somewhere im not sure how to track it. again. Not that I approve of it.
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Dec 25, 2014
This ping pong ball is mine... there are many like it... but this one is mine
Let's hope that the 'Grammo' will not decide to molt where the enclosure 'toilet' corner is, then. Or Blue Jaye will receive that ball in her face, since after that quote things seems to turn always a bit crazy :troll: