Casual Observation: Pregnant Pandinus imperator


Old Timer
Nov 20, 2006
I have/had two P imps that appeared to be gravid. The first one I noticed plumping up last sept/oct '06 and the second plumping up jan/feb '07. I witnessed neither of the two mating though.

The second female (the one plumping around jan) just gave birth, so she must have been pregnant when I bought her.

All my scorpions (P imp P cav. H spp) seemed to fast from nov/dec to feb/mar and just recently began eating (early march). The 2nd female was always in the hide, usually on the bottom of the other 3. 2 times in the last 60 days I opened the hide up pulled them all out to check on them. The female was skittish and aggressive when disturbed (towards me, not the tank mates) Once left alone they all eventually congregated in the same hide. the second time I opened it up was over the weekend (03,10,07), I pulled them all out cleaned and closed it up, and that night she birthed about 12-15 young. It was Sunday afternoon when I noticed. I opened up the tank to relocate her, and she retreated to the hide. I lifted it open and scooped her out, she seemed more annoyed at me than the male chomping on one of her scorplings.

So this is what I noted, she (2nd) showed no aggression toward the tank mates (2.1.0) the other (1st) one was aggressive toward her tank mates (1.1.0). She (2nd) shared a hide with all 3 up to and after birthing. The other (1st) chased all the others away. So in short I notice no consistent behavior in the two communities of P imps, with a gravid scorp.

Just a casual observation, Thaedion.