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Casey K

Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by Eden Exotics, May 10, 2014.

  1. Eden Exotics

    Eden Exotics Arachnosquire


    Just did a trade with Casey, and it all went well. Great communication.
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    I received a female B emilia & an unsexed M balfouri juvenile from Casey. Communication was excellent, packing was great and both arrived alive & well. Would definitely recommend.
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  3. JoeRossi

    JoeRossi Arachnohumbled Old Timer

    Positive so far.....

    Casey has a genuine love for the hobby, her communication was good, and shipping was good. The reason for my thus far statement is the trade was for a guaranteed female Oligoxystre diamantinensis, but it appears thus far (ventral sex only) it is looking male. I will never feel ventral sexing is accurate so am waiting for a molt to let her know 100% the sex of the spider. She handled this news very professional and let me know if my findings conclude it is male she will find a way to get me another Oligoxystre diamantinensis female. I appreciate her communication and willingness to make thus work no matter what the outcome.

    The other tarantula in the trade was very well maintained and healthy,

    With all sincerity,
    Joe Rossi
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  4. iamthegame06

    iamthegame06 Arachnosquire



    i didn't want to write anything, but its obvious that im not going to get my refund..Casey does NOT know how to keep her word..Casey and i had a trade recently, my M. balfouri (that she apparently sold to longviewsteven) to her 3 inch B. smithi..we had agreed and offered LAG regardless of what happens..LAG on LAG! the packaging was horrible, the paper towel was bone dry! When i opened up the package, the smithi was barely alive! she was on a death curl, i thought for sure she was dead, she couldnt even walk..i informed Casey about this! i should've just asked for my refund then and there and just let the tarantula die, but that would be cruel to the tarantula so i tried to save her.. i put the tarantula in the ICU, 3 days after, the tarantula started to show signs of life, still weak, barely walking, but better than when i first got her, so i sent my part of my deal to casey..I left the tarantula alone for a week or so to avoid any additional stress on her, but when i checked the smithi again, she was back in the death curl position..i put her back in the ICU where she spent the rest of her life before finally passing..i even fed her feeder soup using a syringe! i kept Casey on the loop throughout all of this and we agreed on a partial refund or a smithi replacement (i saved all her text messages as a proof)..We kept in contact for weeks, she said she was having some money problems so i gave her a few weeks to give me my refund, i even recommended Joe Rossi to her on our last conversation and now she's saying that its MY fault that the tarantula died, when we both know what really happened..i have 3 other B. smithi's that are kept in the same exact setting, same exact enclosure type, same exact hide, same exact water dish etc. so im 100% sure it's not my husbandry whatsoever..i would NEVER DEAL OR RECOMMEND CASEY TO ANYONE! avoid at all cost!
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2014
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  5. JoeRossi

    JoeRossi Arachnohumbled Old Timer


    NEGATIVE: Unfortunatly, it is time to post a negative review and I do not have to write these often. Once in a while I trade with and or do business with someone new in the hobby and Casey was referred to me by iamthegame06 (prior to his negative review of her). Since the trade I have tried to contact Casey and there was/ is very poor communication and or accuracy with anything when I finally made contact. I tried contacting her for 10 days and she said her phone was shut off, but she did not check my AB pm I sent her as well. In addition, during that time she was on AB because she reponded to the negative review from iamthegame06.

    Now that I have recieved communication I let Casey know Oligoxystrae diamensis that she traded and guaranteed female was a male. It is funny because she stated it was female and Sexed by an expert, but as I researched (after recieving) I noticed she had posted the same O.D. on A.B. and 2 people commented they thought it was male here: http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/gallery/showimage.php?i=35824&catid=member&imageuser=77054 I know, I know I should have researched before, but trusted the referral :(

    I sent the follwing to Casey....Let me know when you are ready to send the other O.D. and we will change that review.

    If you want to wait until I get the molt no prob I will let you know ;)

    Until then "Stay Down" (a quote from her or someone using the phone)

    The response I recieved back from someone was: Yeah I was born that way hold your breath. She's done with the spider Sh**. She has no *** NO **** (edited for her personal situation). Don't mean no harm but if you poke a rattle snake enough times eventually he WILL strike. Lets cut it here before it goes BAD. God Bless. *LOYAL*

    My response was:I agree 100 % as I love rattlers, I have many, and love to handle them ...was born that way Its her review and her place in the hobby on AB. Now it's "cut" God Bless

    When the O.D. Molted I took pictures and sent them to Casey just in case she wanted to continue with her agreement and send the other O.D. despite the previous text recieved (molts are pictured here):



    She responded by stating:I'm sorry.....but you're telling me that the O.D. I sent you molted again within a months time?????????????????????????

    My final response was:Yes, that is what I am saying. And by the look of it ....it was extremely overweight and power fed. Could easily molt in a month at that size. Now I have been in the hobby for quite some time and all I have heard is you tell me what to look for etc...when sexing (smiley face blah blah) my credibility in this hobby speaks for itself and so do my reviews.

    At this point since you are questioning me keep what you have and we are through. My review will follow on your review thread....

    Mods feel free to combine or leave, but I felt other should know and be careful when dealing....

    With all sincerity,
    Joe Rossi
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2014
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  6. mekime

    mekime Arachnopeon


    bought T.stirmi female and it arrived safely.

    she sent it via fedex overnight as promised and stirmi looks healthy.

    one thing before you buy. she will ask you to pay via money order since she doenst have paypal account.
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  7. 14pokies

    14pokies Arachnoprince Active Member

    100% positive! This deal proved to be a a tricky one and I am only including some information/obstacles so that you get a good idea of this user and why you should do business with her!

    1.I only accept PayPal, she didnt have an account and asked if i would hang on to the ts..within a day or two she messaged that she started an account...

    2. Bad weather delay..we both agreed it was a bad time to ship..the weather took about week and a half to clear up..

    3. When the weather improved I had trouble finding heat packs that I trusted to last the duration of the trip,accounting for possible carrier delays and the present daytime temps in the low 20s and night temps in the low teens..I finally found some uniheats at an affordable price after about 3 days of searching! It took about 4 days for them to arrive...I was waiting for them to ship when....

    4. Tragedy struck...I lost my brother on new years day..I focused on that and took care of some things for about 2 weeks.

    After (4) I resumed contact,( I had told her what happened and I needed time and wasn't going to be responding to messages) so contact was resumed and luckily the deal was still on!

    5. Very slight delay on her end .. I can't remember why but it was like 2-3 days...complety understandable!

    So finally the time came for payment she made her payment no problems!

    Her communication has been flawless! All texts/PMs we're answered and continue to be answered swiftly!

    Troubleshooting, exellent...the carrier has some really troublesome "fine print" and even though she payed for next day service it will take 2 days for her package to arrive...she has contacted them to resolve this in a way that would benefit us, but they are not budging!

    So as of this writing the tarantulas I sent are in transit (this weather will really test my packing skills!) She is still keeping great communication and a very positive attitude...she has been such an understanding,patient and kind person that I really felt that such a long winded (sorry about that guys)review was justified..

    Bottom line, if you do business with her she will hold up to her end of the deal and more! She really cares about tarantulas and her fellow man..
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  8. Mello

    Mello ArachnoQUEEN

    100% POSITIVE!!

    I purchased a male GBB from Casey via Walmart to Walmart payment which was very easy and she notified me right away when she received the payment. We set a shipping date (due to weather) and on the set date, she sent me the tracking number. Packaging was GREAT and the tarantulas healthy. Fantastic communication from the first time I contacted her and all throughout! She's honest, reliable and very knowledgable; taught me a few things about the hobby as well. I would not hesitate to purchase from Casey again!
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  9. monstev20

    monstev20 Arachnopeon

    Casey k packed my T's perfect! Thanks again! 100% positive! Would buy from anytime! :)

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  10. tylerdpeter

    tylerdpeter Arachnopeon


    I recently completed a trade with Casey, and couldn't be more pleased. A++

    I traded her various US juveniles included P met and P sazimai, for 2 brachypelma females, blue fang girl, auratum sling, and a HUGE N chromatus 3" freebie.

    Even though she does not accept paypal, I included CASH in the package with the trade ( for a spider i wanted ) and Casey shipped me the spider before she had cash in hand.
    It was a fair trade, a lot of bartering, but Casey in all aspects a true respectable hobbyist. She is a pleasure to do business with, and very trustworthy.

    I would not hesitate to do business again.
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  11. jiacovazzi

    jiacovazzi Arachnoknight


    Casey packed my t's well and all look great. I also included cash in package and Casey shipped me a spider without cash in hand. Good and worthwhile negotiation with a big assist to Austin s
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  12. Caligali

    Caligali Arachnopeon

    Positive for Casey! We did a successful trade. Communication was superb & the T's were healthy & beautiful. I would trade with her again in a heartbeat. Thank you!!
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  13. dmahaffie

    dmahaffie Arachnopeon

    Absolutely Positive +++++

    I purchased an A. versicolor, B emilia, B smithi, C cyaneopubescens, C. Fasciatum, G. rosea, H maculata, M. balfouri, P sazimai from Casey. Most of which are females. She gave me a cute little freebie G. pulchripes as well. They arrive today, a day late due to USPS delays. I was nervous since it took three days, but Casey did such a wonderful job packing the Ts, everyone was just hunky dory! I got them all settled, they are in excellent shape and settling in already. Thank you Casey for the excellent care and professionalism! I plan to purchase most of my Ts from Casey!

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  14. Ashton

    Ashton Arachnoknight


    Just did a trade with Casey and she delivered excellently. Wonderful packing and communication. I see myself doing more business with her.
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  15. Rhyce

    Rhyce Arachnopeon

    positive!!! (:) just got my end of our trade all three spiders were in perfect health!! great packing!! and a constant communication
    haha a very friendly and fun transaction!! she's the best I'd refer to anyone! - Rhys ....... Satan's pet (;
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  16. Bought a nice big Columbian red and white strip from Casey K. I sent a money order and got my T quick and packed well!
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  17. gottarantulas

    gottarantulas Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Positive! Positive! Positive!

    Had the privilege of a recent transaction with Casey K. Great communication from the get go insofar as her inquiry and agreed mode of payment and prompt payment
    thereafter. It's funny, you see a number of screen names on AB on regular without ever having dealt with them. Then one day you do, such as the case here.
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  18. Austin S.

    Austin S. Arachnoprince Old Timer

    100% POSITIVE!

    Casey and I have been doing trades, selling back and forth, etc for a few months now, one which included her purchasing a large collection(72) from a local friend of mine, and me shipping them to her, which all went perfectly smoothly. Today I just received a MM ornate for a loan from her as well. She's a good person to have within this hobby. She's passionately feisty about this hobby, which means, in my book, that she cares a great deal about it. Always looking forward to another deal with ya. Thanks again! A++!

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  19. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor


    Just received my end of a trade from Casey. Everything was packaged extremely well, and arrived in great shape. Casey keeps excellent communication and is a pleasure to deal with. Looking forward to future transactions. I highly recommend her to anyone at all. Thanks again! John
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  20. Just completed a deal with Casey she bought a MF I had for sale. she payed fast and kept in contact good ,was a pleasure doing business with her hope to deal with again
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