caresheet idea for AB


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Jan 5, 2007
I was thinking about an idea to have a caresheet section on arachnoboards.
As most of us know the caresheets on the internet are not that good.
My idea was to have a caresheet setup almost like the arachnogallery, there would be a list of different species and within them would be caresheets written by arachnoboard members and their personal experiance.
here is an example
you would click on grammastola, then all the species within that group come up. then say click on rosea and in there something like this would be written by members:
I keep mine on 100% potting soil, with a hide and a water dish.
I keep it at normal humidity and at room tempreture.
I feed her once a week, but sometime she can go long periods of time without eating.
of course the more difficult T's like blondi's would go more in depth.
I know that there would be different opinions within the same species but there really is no one way to keep any T's. People could get ideas from AB members (especially the more experianced ones) without starting new threads.
also there could be sheets for the uncommon species.
It would not be a discussion thread , so just caresheets would be listed.
things like where the T is found, or even how to care for the slings could be included as well.
Is this a good idea or am I thinking too hard?:wall:

Cirith Ungol

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Dec 22, 2004
I don't like it but I must this time refer you to the search function. This topic has been up before (not all to long ago... maybe 6 months or so) and there quite a few people were comming with arguments against the caresheet thing which you should proberbly know if you wanna "win" in this ;)