care sheet Megaphobema velvetosoma


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Mar 12, 2005
Hi folks,

I stumbled over a M. velvetosoma with about 2'' of body length. I suspect it's a quite recent WC since it looks like it had a rough time. The abdomen is allmost bald of course and also quite small allthough it seems to be in premolt and it has abbrasions on fangs and legs. So nothing that could be cured by good care as long as it gets through the next molt.
Only I couldn't find much information about that species on the internet. Even where it originally comes from seems not to be all that sure, on different sources I've read anything form Costa Rica to Peru.
So I'd appreciate any input of some of you guys who happen to care for such a T.
As of now I use the 'general' setup for a central / south American mild burrower: 75 to 80°F, modest humidity and about 2'' of potting soil.


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Jun 17, 2007
Your setup for the care it's ok, but humidity should be higher...

Paulie B

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Sep 15, 2008
Not a lot known about these guys in the hobby it would seem. It is the biggest T I have and must be 8" toe to toe. Like yours it looks like it has been through the wars and it could do with a good molt. Humidity they do like high, 80% is what I have mine at. She like's to burrow and can be seen coming up out of her hide with "golf ball size" amounts of sub held by her fangs. Beautiful T and she steals the show with people that come in to view my collection.
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