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Captive Inverts (www.CaptiveInverts.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by reclusa, Feb 16, 2009.

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    Captive Inverts

    :clap:... I ordered an Acanthoscurria geniculata sling from Brandon.The sling is beautiful ! It just arrived and I am so impressed with Brandons packing. The sling is only 3/4 in and Brandon packed him /her so well it took me 5 minutes just to find the T! And WOW a freebie...and what a freebie it is...MY FIRST SCORPION!!!!!. Also in perfect shape! Brandon is professional, and pleasant to deal with. If you want to buy a sling but are worried about the packing just order from Brandon and relax your package will show up in perfect shape... I dont even think usps could screw it up as rough as they are on packages!
  2. rippstop

    rippstop Arachnopeon


    I've ordered from them several times and I'm always very happy with the condition of the spiders, quality of packing, in short, EVERYTHING is GREAT!
  3. Brandon @ Captiveinverts: Positive!

    So far, I've purchased two slings from Brandon. (The P. Ornata sling was purchased via Gabe's Exotic Pets) I even met him today at the SA Reptile expo. Very nice guy, prices are reasonable and has given me several ways to buy from him if I choose! His Ts looked well cared for and he was very willing to answer my questions. Can't ask for more than that. :D He was even nice enough to tell me the "Goliath Bird-Eater" I bought knowing it wasn't was an L. Parahybana (a Bird-Eater none the less). All in all, I will purchase more Ts from Brandon again and would recommend him to anyone. :p
  4. Midknight xrs

    Midknight xrs Arachnosquire

    Ben@captiveinverts.com A++

    I would like to thank Ben from Captive Inverts. He has great communication, has great packaging and is more then willing to help even after the deal has been finished. He sent me a great package that he advertised with 4 slings, and as i added an additional sling, he sent a much larger specimen even though he didn't have to. The shipping was really quick and everything was as lively as could be.

    If he gets something else i will want, i will definitely buy from him again. Thank you captive inverts for a great experience and a large improvement to my addiction.
  5. I ordered
    Ceratogyrus bechuanicus 3.5,f Nhandu chromatus 1.75, u,Cyclosternum fasciatum .5 u and Cyclosternum sp. "Machalla" 3 f. from Captive Inverts. Brandon was great as usual! The tarantulas are perfect! The service that Brandon provides is as always second to none! The tarantulas are all healthy and in perfect shape and Brandon gave me all the info I needed to start off with new sp. Thank you very much Brandon! I will definitely buy from Captive Inverts again!!!
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2010
  6. Father Zambda

    Father Zambda Arachnopeon


    I bought some tarantulas from Brandon and they all are in great condition he also provided a habitat for each of them to take them home in his stock is always in healthy shape I plan on always doing business with him and hope to add an emperor scorpion next to my growing collection pleasure doing business thanks Brandon :worship:
  7. I just bought several T's from Brandon the other night. Being local, I got to hand pick from his place, and that was great! His T room is immaculate, and he had no problem with me looking at virtually anything. I'm a T novice, and he also took the time to explain anything and who everyone was (my latin SUCKS!) The animals bought were for resale in my employer's store, and I will have no problem letting my customers that take his stuff that they are from a local, reputable breeder. I will definitely do business with him again.... Thanks, Brandon!
  8. +positive!!!+

    Just completed a trade with Brandon. Since I live in the area, I was invited over to see his collection during the transaction. All his animals are extremely well kept, and well cared for. Furthermore, Brandon is a pleasant, and genuinely honest man. Although clearly experienced, Brandon remains remarkably humble and down to earth.

    There is no reason not to do business with Brandon, and I wholeheartedly look forward to doing business with him in the future.
  9. +++POSITIVE+++

    I bought 100 dubia, roach barrier, egg flats and water crystals from Brandon and everything turned out great! Roaches came in great condition and so did everything else. Don't know what else to say, everything was perfect. Would definitly do business with him again! Thanks!:clap:
  10. devbuckey

    devbuckey Arachnopeon

    Got a nice OBT from Brandon. I wanted to save on shipping but couldnt get to him in Vancouver cause of bent rim so he stopped in my town on his way to seattle. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. He answered every question I had and was very informative. At first i was gonna buy a small 1" sling but he showed me a bigger one he had and i loved it so I bought it. My obt looked very healthy and looked awesome. I can tell Brandon takes very good care of his Ts. Thank you Brandon and will buy from you again! A++++! :clap:
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2011
  11. A++++

    We (PELIC and I) placed an order online with Brandon for a G. pulchra juv and a B. albopilosum sling. He responded right away and invited us to come and hand pick our spiders if we wanted, as we were "only an hour and 1/2 away". We decided to do this and arranged to meet with him.

    Very friendly and knowledgeable, and has a wide variety of spiders. We ended up getting said G. pulchra juv, 2 B. albopilosum slings, a G. pulchripes sling, and a A. versicolor sling-juv.

    We are VERY pleased! Everyone is happy and healthy! We will definitely be doing business with Brandon in the future, and not just because he's close by. I forgot to mention that this was also our first purchase with an online invert seller.
  12. A+++++positive

    Did a trade with brandon, who is the party that i traded my A Fracta with for a female S Calceatum. So brandon was generous enough to get intouch with heidi (whitewolf) as they have done past buisness on here, to arrange payment to get my new S Cal shipped to me as i did not have the funds to get her myself at that moment. Brandon is very knowledgable and an all out great guy to deal with as he likes to do buisness over the phone as do i, you get to kno who your dealing with rather then just read words through PMs. So I called him and we came up with the idea above. We each agreed and both Ts were shipped on the same day. I got my package on time and the T got to me healthy and safe. I will not hesitate to do buisness with brandon again in the near future and i highly recommend him to anyone for any type of AB buisness.

    Thank you again brandon will do buisness again soon.
  13. Recently did another order with Brandon since I'm having a hard time keeping his stuff in! Again, another great batch of T's, and his knowlegde is always appreciated!
  14. very positive and way late

    wow,, where do i start? back in march there was an expo in lake city wa, and i hounded brandon for a WEEK via email for a P. regalis sling. *(had never dealt online before)* and he was VERY patient for me. we ended up hookin up at the show, and i got my healthy lil sling from em. he charged a bit more than his site advertised ( which he explained was due to table space at show) so i was more than willing to pay. he even threw in a very healthy B. albopilosum. he even went as far as to give me a cell num. for any future questions and has offered to sex my ts exuviums in the future. VERY GREAT TO DEAL WITH and will be doin so again... thanks brandon, steven aka grayzone:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  15. Fantastic!

    I recently completed a transaction with Brandon, and couldn't be happier! Since I don't have a car, he generously agreed to come pick the Ts up from me directly. Aside from completing a sale, it was great to speak to a fellow local T enthusiast. Brandon is clearly a dedicated and knowledgeable keeper/breeder, and an asset to the hobby. I look forward to doing lots of business with him in the future. Thanks again, Brandon!
  16. xqzstyle

    xqzstyle Arachnopeon

    You can't go wrong with Captive Inverts! Excellent communication and support, not to mention the awesome T's. Can't wait to make my next purchase!

    - John
  17. Tex1200

    Tex1200 Arachnopeon

    Great transaction!

    Since I'm local, I had the opportunity to visit Brandon's home and see his T room myself. Being very new to the hobby, I was blown away by his collection, and how well all of his Ts were kept. What I thought was going to be a half hour max visit ended up being an hour and a half! I ended up leaving with a G. pulchra, and my first pokie, a P. fasciata :razz:! I look forward to doing business with Brandon again!
  18. ranchulas

    ranchulas Arachnobaron

    I got some new additions the other day and was very pleased. Great communication and packaging. I look forward to future business. Thanks again.
  19. Bought an unsexed, 1 1/4" B. emilia from Ben two days ago. We apparently live about 20 minutes from each other so we met at a local pet store. Whole thing went off with out a hitch and Ben is a delight to deal with. Received the healthy T and the complete kritter keeper set up from him for a very reasonable price. Sufficed to say I will DEFINITELY be doing business with him again. Thanks Ben!

    THECHAD Arachnopeon

    Picked up an LP sling from Brandon in december good communication and would do business again in fact the sling had just molted about a month ago good and healthy
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