Can 2 Baby Asian Forest Scorps be kept together?


Jan 17, 2016
I've had my Baby Asian Forest Scorpion for about a few months, he's about 2.5", and i bought another yesterday and put them in the same tank to see how it would go. I put another hide with it, and they want to sleep together apparently in the same one. I've handled both before I bought them, they're both really docile and sweet. I'm not sure if it's because of their young age or not (I'm new to Scorps, I have 19 Tarantulas), but they've been crawling on each other and sleeping next to each other. So far so good. Is it safe to remain keeping these two little ones together? I understand the chance of cannibalism, but I try to keep crickets in there to keep them well fed, and they don't seem to mind each other.
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Aug 31, 2012
Don't "keep crickets in there." Only provide feeders when you are feeding them and remove them if they go uneaten overnight.

In terms of their compatibility I will only say this: Generally Heterometrus are okay together most of the time. I have 3 Pandinus imperators that have been together since 2i and they are now 4i and doing well. But there is never a 100% guarantee.

Good luck.