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Calling all OBT owners! We want your enclosure + webbing pictures!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by BrynWilliams, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Enn49

    Enn49 Arachnosquire

    OBT Owner: Enn49
    Time in enclosure: Just over 3 months
    Humidity: Low with water dish
    Approx Temp: 70 c


    She began her web at the top after only 24 hours and worked down.

    This is her front door......

    ......which she spends hours guarding
  2. that's gorgeous what size us that exo terra?

    How many inches is, your OBT
  3. OBT Owner: Tongue Flicker

    Time in enclosure: 9 months (10 in June)

    Humidity: 67% (summer) / 92+% (rainy season) / 82%-90% (at night, all year long) + water dish. No misting, no live plants, substrate never moistened.
    *blame our climate lol*

    Approx Temp: 102F (39C) - summer / 80F (27C) - rainy season / 68F (20C) - cool season

    My pet rock, Valencia


    I'll start doing improvements once I'm back from my Colombia business venture in September :)
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  4. Enn49

    Enn49 Arachnosquire

    Thank you.

    The Exo Terra is 12"x12"x18" and she's just over 3" leg span. I was amazed how quickly she started building and the work that has gone into the web, she's covered the bottom part with substrate
  5. This is my first threat display from this T she actually laid on her back and threw a tantrum...Glad to see she healthy and "happy" lol


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