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C.nitidus mutants

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by dangriga, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. dangriga

    dangriga Arachnosquire

    Today while seperation some 2.instar C.nitidus, we discovered two mutant scorpions.

    This one couldn't get one metasome out of the molt:


    But this one seems to be in good shape:


  2. Vidaro

    Vidaro Arachnobaron Old Timer

    OIIIIIIIII that looks awesome!! freak of freaks!:p

    are both tails fully functional?
  3. dangriga

    dangriga Arachnosquire

    I don't know. We'll see when we feed them the first time. :)
  4. Vidaro

    Vidaro Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Good luck and be sure to post some extra pics:D
  5. dangriga

    dangriga Arachnosquire

    Thanks. Yes, we'll do! :)
  6. Aztek

    Aztek Arachnoprince

    Nice scorpion
  7. wow!!!!! you might be able to sell that to a local university for studies! that looks crazy!!
  8. dairy

    dairy Arachnoknight

    Or breed an army and take over the world!

    That is so cool. Keep posting updates on these guys.
  9. raveinchris

    raveinchris Arachnosquire

    wow please post a video of these guys eating :D
  10. dangriga

    dangriga Arachnosquire

    No. We'll keep them. I hope they survive!
    What do you mean we plan? :D
    Will do!
  11. Naga

    Naga Arachnopeon

    Whooaa, that's pretty awesome of a find! Definitely keep us up to date! I'd have to wonder what the price some major collectors/keepers of the hobby would offer for one, even if you are keeping them both! That's seriously something! For one to happen I can imagine is incredibly rare, but 2!!!
  12. dangriga

    dangriga Arachnosquire

    It's rare, but it's not the first time! But it's really rare that 2 are mutants in one brood!!
  13. burmish101

    burmish101 Arachnobaron

    Wow very cool, just think if its possible to be genetic, scorps with 2 tails will be the new craze! I know im getting WAY ahead of myself and its kinda unlikely but a man can dream! lol
  14. calum

    calum Arachnoprince

    that's too awesome dangriga. :)

    you could be onto something here.. you should try breeding it. :D
  15. dangriga

    dangriga Arachnosquire

    I don't think it's a gene, but i'll mate this ones if they reach maturity! :D
  16. alexi

    alexi Arachnobaron

    yeah seems to me like they might not be viable, but how cool if they are!!!!!!!!! OMG seriously if you started breeding two tailed scorpions you could make sooo much money!!!!!!!!
  17. in many cases in nature anrn't genetic mutations like that one usually sterile?
    but i will admit that breeding twin tailed scorps would be sweet! i wonder if it will cause molting problems in the future?
  18. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

    very very few two tailed scorpions ever make it to maturity. about 90% of the time they die young from moulting problems. not impossible, but very unlikely.
  19. dangriga

    dangriga Arachnosquire

    Yes. But once i saw an adult C.sculpturatus who reached maturity. So: Let's hope they don't die!
  20. alexi

    alexi Arachnobaron

    oh that's a shame. How often do people usually see this mutation?
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