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C. chiapanensis


Old Timer
Jun 26, 2003
Well the other day, a weird series of coincidences happend... I was feeding my Centruroides species some crickets, and this one female chiapanensis caused quite the commotion.

The cricket seemed to "scare" the scorp up to the top of his bark (unfortunately close to the vial's airholes)... well the cricket then ran up the bark and onto the ceiling of the vial. I started flicking the lid in an attempt to get the cricket down.

At some point the chiapanensis had randomly wiggled his tail completely through one of the airholes in the lid. I failed to notice this and kept flicking away... then WHAM! A mildly painful prick, nothing too bad. I knew within a minute or so it was a dry sting... thank god. No pain, other than the minimal puncture wound. I disinfected the wound, and carried on with my day.

Sorry for the let down folks, no painful stings to report. But i feel the story was worthwhile regardless. Through a serious of coincidences I basically impaled my finger on the scorp's telson. He must not have been in "sting mode" and the only result was a dry sting. :clap: