Burrowing Roach


Old Timer
Jan 5, 2005
From what I read, roaches are way less a threat when T's are molting (correct me if I'm wrong)
I'd say the threat is about the same. Roaches and crickets need protein and if they dont get it they will eat eachothers limbs and such, so I would imagine a roach would munch on a molting T just as readly as a cricket.
I've never seen a roach take a bite out of anything alive and breathing. I'd say it's safe. Roaches refered to are B. Dubia and S. Tartara (B. Lateralis in USA?)

the chance of a roach taking a bite out of a freshmolted T heavily depends on species of roach and conditions. E prosticus will eat still moving lobter roaches... they will shark swarm them if the prosticus are hungry. i pretty much always headcrush prosticus before feeding them out! prosticus also wiped out my first generation of cb hisser nymphs when i was experimenting with multispecial roach bins