Building a new animal facility!


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Aug 8, 2004
Hey Guys,
Well, the time has finally come that I am able to build my own facility! It's not going to be huge, but bigger than previous rental units would allow. I currently rent a facility renovated specifically for exotic animals but it will be nice to put that rent money toward my own facility!
It will be roughly 16' x 20' which will give me room to expand as things are very cramped in my current facility!
I have a few ideas but I want to find out what ideas you guys have. If you have an awsome spider room or a certain layout that works really well let me know! I'm also open to suggestions as far as insulation and heating are concerned. Keep in mind that I live in the "Great White North" that is British Columbia, Canada so good insulation is a must. There have also been power outages in the area so ideas for a backup heating system or generator are welcome! I deal mostly with arachnids but I do have a personal collection of reptiles and amphibians as well. I am thinking about ways to increase humidity and possibly add some sort of air exchange system.
Ideas for shelving etc? I want to have at least a large laundry type sink for cleaning out containers etc. The building will be alarmed as well, although for most people, a room containing hundreds of arachnids is a good deterrent :)
Any and all ideas are welcome! I'm not a millionaire so budget friendly ideas are nice!
Thanks for the help!


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Jul 9, 2006
Congrats Dave! Sure hope its insulated well, being in Prince George and all... and definitely have that backup power, but you'd know that. :)


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Sep 9, 2004
That's awesome David! Does this mean you will finally update your website too? lol! You should check out the pics that Martin and Amanda have of their spider room. It is insanely well organized with nice shelving etc. Might give you some ideas.
I can't find the link to the pics on here, but if you check out their myspace page there are pics there.