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BugsInCyberspace (www.bugsincyberspace.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Gsc, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Anonymity82

    Anonymity82 Arachnoprince


    Peter was very courteous as usual. His communication was wonderful, shipping as well and the animals showed up alive and healthy. I would definitely recommend doing business with Peter as I know I will again.
  2. Trailblazr80

    Trailblazr80 Arachnosquire


    Great seller. Ordered Bess beetles and blue death feigning beetles- all arrived healthy and alive, carefully packed. Prices are reasonable, good communication and nice website!
  3. High Lord Dee

    High Lord Dee Arachnosquire


    I just completed a transaction from Peter from Bugs in Cyberspace. I ordered 3 species of true spiders and 2 isopods. All of the critters were well packaged and they arrived healthy. The spiders were species that I had been seeking to find for quite some time. Also has a good assortment of educational books online as well. Would definitely recommend.
  4. Anonymity82

    Anonymity82 Arachnoprince


    Another wonderful transaction. Peter's communication is wonderful. His packing was fantastic as well. I ordered one harvestmen (to go with my remaining harvestmen) and a purseweb spider. They both arrived healthy and alive! I highly recommend ordering from him and as I said previously in my last positive review, I will be ordering from him again!
  5. I purchased a few pets from peter last week. I had a ton of questions and harassed him non-stop. He was extremely professional, helpful and very quick to respond. The tailless whip scorpion I ordered as well as a couple spiders and a giant desert hairy scorpion showed up right on time. They were active and healthy and all seemed fairly comfortable in their shipping containers...I don't imagine they experienced much stress. I had zero complaints and after Peter helped me so much with all my questions I felt the need to let everyone else know that if you want a reliable source to purchase feeder insects or new pets or whatever it is, check out http://www.bugsincyberspace.com/ before going anywhere else. You won't regret it.


    Send me a PM if you want more details on any part of the transaction.
  6. McGuiverstein

    McGuiverstein Arachnobaron


    Just received my mantis purchase from Peter yesterday, and I'm thrilled! Everyone came in amazing condition, which is no surprise after seeing how meticulously they were packaged! Everyone was very active, and enthusiastically accepted food as soon as it was offered. I can't thank Peter enough for hooking me up with three species I have been dying to get for quite a while now. At the prices he listed everything for, I just couldn't resist. If you're ever looking for something a little uncommon, check Peter's site out. If he doesn't have something in stock, he does an amazing job of updating the list with when he plans to have more available. I know I'll definitely be checking in from time to time! I'll be looking for any excuse to do business with him again!

    Thanks again Peter, you're the best!
  7. McGuiverstein

    McGuiverstein Arachnobaron

    A ++

    Just received my second order from Peter yesterday, and once again, 110% great experience all around!! Due to scheduling conflicts (my fault) and high temps in my area, we were unable to work out a shipping date for nearly a week and a half, but Peter held onto the mantises I was interested in until we picked a day that worked for both of us. There aren't a lot of people out there who wouldn't consider selling something out from under someone in that length of time. If that isn't a testament to Peter being a great, stand-up guy, I don't know what is. When they arrived, both were in 100% perfect condition and looked better than expected. They readily accepted food, and are full of energy!

    Everything about this purchase was top-notch, and I will definitely be working with Peter again. If you're into mantises, Peter is the guy to go to. If you're not, he has a wide variety of other insects and arachnids for sale. Couldn't hurt to check his website out. You won't regret it!

    Thanks Peter!

  8. Positive+++

    This is my first order with Bugs in Cyberspace but it will not be my last! I ordered 6 BDFB, 4 Chicobolus spinigerus, Hierodula sp, 4 Blaberus giganteus Peter threw in an extra roach, and a Mastigoproctus giganteus. Packaging was spot on, everything was happy and lively, all my question were answered quickly. I look forward to doing more business with Peter!
  9. Spepper

    Spepper Arachnodemon


    I ordered 5 B. colosseus roaches from Peter over a week ago, but the weather was too hot for shipping so he held them for me until Monday this week, when he took advantage of a 2-day cooler spell and shipped them. I chose Priority shipping, and all arrived today in perfect health! He even threw in an extra roach! I couldn't be happier, quite honestly. They were packed in a box filled with big bubble wrapping, and in the middle was a condiment cup wrapped in newspaper. The cup had pinholes punched in the lid for ventilation, and inside it were a couple small wads of moist paper towels with the roaches. Four of them were about the size of my pinky nail, and two were larger, about the size of my thumbnail. Throughout this transaction Peter was very prompt and professional in replying to my e-mails. Even though this was my first time ordering from him, I wouldn't give a second thought to doing it again. :) Great job! If you're thinking about buying something from him, you won't be disappointed.
  10. Cavedweller

    Cavedweller Arachnoprince


    Once again quick correspondence, timely delivery, good packaging. Never any worries buying from Peter.
  11. skar

    skar Arachnobaron

    Awesome !! AAA ++

    Careful and perfect packaging, very quick to get you your order.
    Very healthy product.
  12. Anonymity82

    Anonymity82 Arachnoprince

    Once again another awesome transaction with Peter. He is super helpful and responds to emails very quickly. His animals always show up healthy and his packing is always good. I just got Theopropus elegans with the mantis kit and could NOT BE HAPPIER! The mantis was ready to eat and happy as a clam right out of the box. I have it set up in the kit I bought for it. Thanks Peter!!!

    View attachment 133955 View attachment 133956
  13. los3r

    los3r Arachnosquire

    Fantastic! Got some sow bugs and dwarf white isopods for my lividum's tank and they arrived quickly and extremely well packed. :D
  14. Love BugsInCyberspace ordered a Mutillidae I came very well packed and the box was still warm when I got it I will buy from them again. A+++
  15. Gail

    Gail Arachnopixie Old Timer

    150% positive!

    Placed an order for the hardwood mix millipede substrate, an oak log and some roach jellies to try out. Fantastic pricing for the peace of mind that these substrates and logs are coming from lands that are not sprayed with pesticides and also are sterilized for possible unwanted pests via microwave prior to sending out. Communication was great and had the goodies just a couple of days after ordering.

    I simply cannot say enough good things about the high quality of the substrate and the already starting to decompose log. For someone like myself who is setting up a tank for flat native millipedes who require rotting wood this was a no brainer purchase that has saved me the hassle of trying to locally collect oak wood that might very well have any number of pollutants. I don't live near any forested areas that I could be certain weren't sprayed for elm beetles or otherwise polluted - I do have a local oak tree to get fallen leaves from which I know isn't sprayed but I don't think my neighbor would take to me hacking off branches :sarcasm:

    I will definitely be back for more of this stuff as my collection grows - and likely some bugs when the weather warms.
  16. Anonymity82

    Anonymity82 Arachnoprince

    Another 100% for Peter!!! They showed up alive and well and are now enjoying their new homes. Everything was awesome as usual with Peter. Communication 100%. Packing 100%. Animals health 100%. Thanks again Peter!!!

    View attachment 134321 View attachment 134320
  17. 100% positive

    Ordered an African twig mantis and a mantis enclosure kit from Peter. The mantis arrived safe and sound, and the enclosure kit arrived with everything with it and as the description detailed. This is the second time I've ordered from Peter and everything was great. I recommend him highly.
  18. Dizzle

    Dizzle Arachnoknight

    100% Positive
    First time buying from Peter, got some cleanup crews and small feeders, all arrived quick and alive. Would buy from again for sure
  19. Anonymity82

    Anonymity82 Arachnoprince

    100% positive. A++++++

    As always the transaction went very smoothly. Always a pleasure purchasing from Peter. Browsing his website is always a favorite pass time. 100% recommended! Communication is 100% as well. Can't wait to do business with him again!
  20. Creeper

    Creeper Arachnopeon

    This was my first time ordering inverts online, and after doing plenty of research the general concensus is that Peter is the best in the business. My order came fast and everything healthy and well packaged. I will certainly be returning for more. I'm now watching, and hoping that he will start carrying some trapdoors!
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