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BugsInCyberspace (www.bugsincyberspace.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Gsc, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Gsc

    Gsc Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I placed a roach order with them a few months back. A++++ service...great people to deal with. I look forward to many more transactions from bugsincyberspace.com .... highly reccomended!

    Graham Criglow
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  2. RoachGirlRen

    RoachGirlRen Arachnoangel

    ((If there is already a thread for this, my apologies; I did not see one when I did a search))


    I recently had the pleasure of doing business with bugsincyberspace.com. My order was for 3 B. giganteus, 2 G. portensa, 24 B. dubia, and 5 N. americanus. I was contacted shortly after ordering and informed that N. americanus was no longer available, and was given the option of a refund or a substitution for an alernate item; I wound up ordering five juvenille C. spinigerus. I was also given the name of someone I could get N. americanus from, which wound up working out great for me in the end.
    A miscommunication with the individual shipping the non-feeder roaches and millipedes resulted in them being shipped priority rather than express; once the problem was realized, I recieved a full shipping refund (was not charged any shipping for that package due to the inconvenience). I felt this was very professional.
    I found the webpage easy to navigate, easy to order from, and generous in variety. The prices were very agreeable and the customer service prompt and polite. There was an overcount of one roach for both the giganteus and portensa, and a significant overcount of the dubia. Everything arrived alive, healthy, and well packaged. I was very satisfied with my transaction even with the two minor "bumps," and will absolutely be doing business again. Definately reccomended.
  3. Acro

    Acro I Want A Golden Goose! Old Timer


    Rocken Cool Trade!

    Peter is a exceptional guy to communicate with! His efforts were immaculate in the quality of animals he sent and quality of packing! He even threw in free house fly pupae and an Inverts Mag!
    Peter is a good guy to trade with and buy from!
  4. doc25

    doc25 Arachnopeon

    Very Positive

    I purchased roaches and beetle grubs from Peter and am more than happy! He replied quickly to any e-mails, bugs-in-cyberspace is easy to navigate and just a wonderful site and everything arrived on time in pristine condition. I will not hesitate to do business again with Peter.
  5. arachyd

    arachyd Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I recently purchased some roaches (gyna lurida) through the site. They arrived within a couple of days and were well-packed and lively. Email response was fast when I had a question. I will not hesitate to use them again.
  6. arachyd

    arachyd Arachnobaron Old Timer


    I placed a 2nd order and everything arrived healthy and well-packed. It looked like there may have been an extra roach or 2.
  7. cjm1991

    cjm1991 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Great service always get great looking inverts.
  8. drbio

    drbio Arachnopeon


    I recently ordered some porcellio from bugsincyberspace and the entire transaction was great. Prompt communication, generous +count, clean and healthy specimens, and great customer service. I would order from them again.
  9. I just recieved my millipedes from Peter and I was very pleased with the whole process from start to finish. He offers a wide range of inverts and was quick to respond and ship. I will definitely be ordering from bugsincyberspace.com again.

    Oh and he chucked in some extras which was greatly appreciated aswell.
  10. pouchedrat

    pouchedrat Arachnolord Old Timer


    I got my order a couple days ago of 5 ivory millipedes and 4 (5, there was an extra!) flameleg millipedes and all came fine!

    I had a bit of confusion about delivery (I missed their last shipment the week prior) but everything was straightened out and all was completely fine.

    I'm definitely going to order more millipedes in the near future! Pede addict here, lol.
  11. Arachno Veteran

    Arachno Veteran Arachnosquire

    BugsInCyberspace.com - Peter

    Guys, I have to tell you, Peter, at BugsInCyberspace.com is great!
    But, not only because I got my 2 Blue Death-Feigning Beetles today :} - and they are perfect, very healthy specimens that were very well packed.
    And did I mention they were on sale? He was doing it for the ATS (American Tarantula Society), as a fundraiser. And, I paid only $7 each! And $5 for Priority shipping!
    But,besides that, because he is a genuine hobbyist first - who really enjoys the bugs as much as we do.
    He has kept in contact me for many weeks, just chatting via e-mail back and forth about bugs, and some of the things I've been looking for etc.
    And, I hadn't even bought anything from him - He was there giving me advice, etc. for WEEKS, happily, before I even bought anything.
    Well, let me tell ya - This is unusual. You know how I know? Because I have gotten "blown off" by a few other Dealers after only a couple of e-mails.
    Well, you can take this review any way you want to. Peter is a real nice guy, who is down to earth. I mean, even now, he's e-mailing me some great tips on keeping the beetles (Blue Death-Feigning Beetle), etc.

    Like I said, this is a head's up. Just to let you know. I have inquired about placing orders with lots of other Dealers over the past couple of months, and it sometimes seemed like I was a pest to them. During my explorations of many dealers (even overseas), I learned that I would have a tough time recommending many...

    There are one or two other Dealers around here, who I may do business with in the future, and I'll report back -If & when that time comes.

    And another FYI: I've always done most of my buying, directly from other hobbyists.


  12. Bought some mantis and roachs arrived safe and in great condition.
  13. Arachno Veteran

    Arachno Veteran Arachnosquire


    Bugsincyberspace.com --http://Bugsincyberspace.com

    Bought a book, right on the website. Great price; Fast and low-cost shipping. A pleasure.
  14. Decimator

    Decimator Arachnopeon


    Just got my order of pedes and one T, everything was great + and extra pede. He even managed to hunt me down two A. Gigas. Will deff recommend him.
  15. Decimator

    Decimator Arachnopeon

    Great Service

    Bought several pedes and one T from them. Very pleased. Went the extra mile and an extra pede. Will def do business again with him.
  16. Sakura

    Sakura Arachnopeon


    I recently purchased some millipedes from this wonderful network site and couldn't be happier with the specimens. Peter was very helpful in answering my inquiries and the sender (Orin) was a pro at packing the beautiful millipedes. He even included a freebie!:D I'm sure I'll order more from them in the near future. I highly recommend them as breeder/seller.
  17. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member


    I purchased several specimens from Peter this month. All came well packed, healthy, communication fantastic, priced well, etc. Freebie, as well. Further information was provided as needed. Great service as always...

    In summation, use www.bugsincyberspace.com if you want good stock & world peace.
  18. Steven Valys

    Steven Valys Arachnobaron


    All specimens arrived alive and fairly quickly with a shipping holiday in the middle of the week. Highly recommended!
  19. Another great transaction with Peter. A male and female Madagascan Fire Millipede pair. I have not seen these in 5 years! A trio of Giant Red Leg millipedes and he chucked in 2 Thai Rainbows for free. These are on top of the Cercopia and Luna moth cocoons and the African and Asian mantids I already purchased before the holidays. Every transaction has been a pleasure. He has the best selection of inverts on the web. He truely cares about the hobby which comes across in his knowledge and customer service.

    I highly recommend bugsincyberspace.com and will continue to search his site frequently to see whats new.
  20. Bugs in Cyberspace

    I recently was looking for a couple pet millipedes. I found Peter Clausen's site:
    It was easy to navigate, and had wonderful pictures. I am a novice with bug pets, and was a pest with question after question. Peter was patient and responded with thorough information in a timely manner. What an absolute pleasure to work with him. My millipedes came yesterday and are in perfect shape. What a treasure to not only find Peter's site, but to have these adorable millies to care for. I highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for any sort of bug - he seems to have most everything.
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