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Brian Roche (www.arachnidaddiction.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by PyroYuy, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. PyroYuy

    PyroYuy Arachnopeon

    I picked up a 0.5" g pulchripes sling from him in person so I can't say anything about shipping from him. The entire experience was pleasant.

    He was open with his collection and gave me (a first time tarantula owner) a nice description for good beginner species, and even suggested foods for smaller slings. He answered all questions I had and let me know if I should have any other questions to get in contact with him.

    His critters (had more than just tarantula) looked very well taken care of, with many for me to look at first hand. He was more than willing to let me get close up looks at many species, giving me a good idea for my next purchase.

    It was a great experience for me and the fact that I could pick it up locally was a huge bonus for me, being able to use what money I would have spent on shipping is now going to other projects. I would suggest him to anyone with how good of an experience it was!
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  2. fowlmoodmandy

    fowlmoodmandy Arachnopeon

    Arachnidaddiction.com / Brian Roche

    I received my order today. The Ts look great. The P. Ornata is bigger than listed. Communication was great. I am very happy with my purchase and the prices were really good too. I will likely buy from them again once they have a larger inventory. It states he is new and working on everything still.
  3. fowlmoodmandy

    fowlmoodmandy Arachnopeon

    I was so happy I placed another order yesterday. Arrived at my door this morning. I am, again, very pleased with what I ordered. They were packed great and most of them a bit larger than what was stated in the listing. Communication was fast and pleasant and I was very pleased that he shipped them so quickly. I will highly recommend this seller.
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