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Brent Mullikin (a.k.a thetula)


Old Timer
Jan 3, 2007
Brent Mullikin,
12055 Salt Lick Road,
Tollesboro, Ky 41189

I made the mistake of sending Brent Mullikin some S. polymorph before receiving the money. he never sent out the money. it's was only $24 which isn't much, but I'm here to let people know that Brent is a dishonest person that can't be trusted.

I usually don't send out inverts before receiving the payment, but once in a while if the value isn't high, then i would make an exception. this guy was the last exception.

his email address: tula1918@aim.com


Oct 28, 2010
Positive review for Thetula

Thetula was kind enough to ship the T. Cupreus female to me in good faith to examine before payment was sent, due to the fact that I was uneasy using a method of payment other than PayPal (check or money order was required).

The spider arrived nicely packed and the specimen is beautiful and healthy. Communication with the seller was great and full payment has been sent via online checking from my bank.