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Breeding The World's Largest Living Arachnid (Amblypygids) by Orin McMonigle

Discussion in 'Book and Magazine Reviews' started by BiophilicGinger, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Hello fellow amblypygid enthusiasts.
    If you're looking for information regarding the care of amblypygids then you really should acquire a copy of Orin McMonigle's (author of Whipscorpions and a Whipspiders: Culturing Gentle Monsters) latest literary triumph, "Breeding The World's Largest Living Arachnid: Amblypygid Biology, Natural History, and Captive Husbandry"
    It is a must if you are looking into working with the rarer species and clarifies the commonly incorrect info found in caresheets about the more commonly kept species.
    It delves into the biology of amblypygids, discussing tactile sensory organs and anatomy. Chapters devoted to the social behaviors of amblypygids, natural habitats, and reproduction in a two hundred, eight page hardcover.
    Overall, an excellent piece in the puzzle that is the life of these exquisite arachnids. Orin has outdone himself, I am very pleased with my copy.

    Chris Bailey
  2. I've got this book. Must have for anyone interested in amblypgyi. Pretty much covered in the above there ^. It is a beautiful book - great cover, great pictures. Particularly love the pictures of wild habitat for several species, large and small scale, and details about their lives in the wild. If you keep amblypygi, this read will make your amblys more interesting and provide insight for caring for your animals. There are a lot more to amblypygids than is easily acquired via internet search, and very little literature publicly available. Definitely worth picking up.
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  3. Mindibun

    Mindibun Arachnosquire

    Got this for christmas and have read it twice now. I HIGHLY recommend it -- especially because this is a VERY underrated group of animals. Cant give enough thumbs up!
  4. pannaking22

    pannaking22 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Another great book by Orin. It was an enjoyable read and I learned a lot from it. Has a great amount of info on everything from keeping to breeding. Now if only we could get a wider variety of species here in the US! :D
  5. +1 Just got this book a week ago. Just fantastic!! The photography, especially the macros and electron-microscopy, is amazing! Goes into massive details about these creatures.

    Glad I found a review page for this exact book!
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