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Breeding Report Forum Rules (updated 8-25-2010)

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Jul 22, 2002
Updated 8-25-2010 and is NOT retroactive.

The purpose of this forum is to collect data on breeding various species in captivity. While successes are obviously the most interesting, everyone can learn from failed attempts as well, so please post your end result experiences with full details. **

** Please note: The end result MUST have a conclusion. The ONLY acceptable conclusions are either: A) the sac successfully molting into 2nd instar, B) the female molts, C) the female eats the sac or D) the sac is bad. Failure to have a conclusion with FULL DETAILS will result in the removal of the report. Determination whether a conclusion and details have been met is at the discretion of the mods/admins.

To keep things clear and useful to the reader, please follow the standard format for the forum:

First, one thread per species, before starting a new thread please check to see if someone has already entered a report for that species. Second, the title of the thread should just be the full species name. The detailed report should go something like this:
  • Successful? - Please start off each report with whether the attempt resulted in spiderlings or not.
  • Any special care or preliminary notes for the lovers - Anything special you did, such as keep the female at an elevated temp for the preceeding months, and relevant details, such as how long since she moulted before the mating, whether the male was observed to make a sperm web, etc.
  • How they were paired - Did you put the male into the female's normal home, use a neutral territory, shark cage, cohabitation, were multiple males used, etc.
  • Any observations on the hookup - If there's anything you want to write about the hookup(s) itself (this would include the male becoming dinner), this is the place.
  • Any special post mating care - Did you give the female a cooling off period or any other trick to try and get her to drop a sac.
  • Time to sac - If the female laid an egg sac, how long after mating was it? If she moulted out without laying a sac, say so and this will be the end of your report.
  • Care of the sac - Did you leave the sac with the female, remove it and incubate it yourself, leave it with her for 2 weeks and then remove it?
  • Time to emerge/hatch - If you successfully get spiderlings, how long before they emerged from the sac (or for incubated eggs, how long before you had 1st and/or 2nd instar spiderlings. If the sac goes bad, please give any details such as it was eaten or became infested with mites or fungus.
  • The final details - How many spiderlings did you wind up with and, if you know, how many eggs were there initially (for something like an L. parahybana an approximation is fine ;))

This forum is for you to post breeding reports on your personal (first hand) experience. Please do not post links to breeding reports elsewhere. If you know of someone that has done breeding, please encourage them to sign up for an account and post about it in here so we all can learn from their experience.

If you wish to discuss anything in these breeding reports, please do not post it here, as this forum is just for the reports. You can post it in the appropriate forum and refer to it there or contact the user either via PM or email.

We hope this will become another valuable resource that Arachnopets can offer you. Thank you for contributing.
Not open for further replies.