Breeding Narceus Species


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Oct 27, 2020
In the endless wait for USDA\APHIS to confirm that I am, in fact, myself, I've been focusing some of my time on breeding US millipede species. After rapid success with Anadenobolus monilcornis and a local species of Polydesmid (I think I got babies? So hard to tell since they're so dang small), I've turned my focus towards the Narceus gordanus and Narceus americanus that I raised and have recently seen mature. After playing around with moisture levels I found that not only did higher moisture raise my gordos from the depths of their substrate, but it allowed me to catch them breeding ON THE SURFACE. I was understandably surprised given the fossorial nature of this species but simultaneously thrilled. After confirming what I was witnessing, I gave them their privacy, and they burrowed down two days later. I now turn my hopes to the American Giants...
Would love to hear others experiences with breeding these species, as I am very much still figuring out the best approach. I know they are quite prolific compared to many others, but would still love advice and anecdotes! (I am way, WAY too scientific in all my invert breeding :rofl:). Thanks for reading!


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Mar 25, 2018
For gordanus tons of rotting wood for egg capsules and americanus you can keep the same. Some differences gordanus only lay eggs during a certain period each year while americanus can lay multiple times a year.