Breeding my beardie


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Dec 26, 2006
Breeding my beardie?

I'm interested in breeding my male bearded dragon. He's a 4-year-old 16" sandfire morph. He's a bit petite, probably because he was quite sick when I received him as an 11" juvie; he had some improper caring, but he healed quickly and I take him to the vet regularly. His illness had nothing to do with genetics; it had to do with parasites and impaction from his last home.

But anyway, I don't really know that much about cooperating with another beardie owner with breeding. I've never had any experience with breeding reptiles, so I would expect the owner of the female to incubate the eggs and all that, but how do people normally do the business? Do they split the babies 50/50, or what? I would only be interested in keeping at least one of the babies (so my motive isn't money lol).

The main reasons that I'd want to breed him is because: 1. He's a really beautiful specimen (I know all pet owners must say that, but he really does have a very youthful and symmetrical head structure and his colors are beautiful - I can provides pictures and video to anyone interested), and 2. I simply want to keep one of his offspring, so that after he passes on I won't be too distraught (he was my first lizard, so he has a special place in my heart), because I'll have his baby. :)

My main concern, however, is criticism due to unknown genetics: I bought him from an obscure pet owner from Florida; I don't know who his breeder was, and I've lost contact with his old owner. I'm afraid no one will want to breed their beardie with mine due to that reason...

What do you all think? Will it be possible to breed him? And how would I go about finding a fellow beardie owner who would be willing to mate their female with him? I regularly go to a monthly local reptile expo, but the beardie breeders there usually only breed normal morphs, and I would honestly prefer a female who's a color morph of some sort.

I'd appreciate any advice! :)
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