Breeding haplopelma hainanum


Old Timer
Mar 25, 2007
2 years ago i bought 0.0.6 haplopelma hananum slings. The ended up 3.3 and now i have 2 newly molted and ready males(one last week, and one today) and one subadult who will be ready anytime now. I only have 4 females ready, so i might sell a male or switch one with a ready haplopelma schmidti male. Have been offered a switch.

But i would like to hear if it is best to sharktank them, or i just should throw in the male?

I like the shark tanking method because he can better get away, and because i have several females ready for him.

I have had a sack on haplopelma schmidti, so i am not a novice by any means with haplopelma, just want to hear how other people do it, the pros and cons so to speak.