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He Who Rules
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Jul 16, 2002
Well all, I've finally taken the plunge. Brought a couple of pairs over to Savians house. Set them up in some ten gallons and went to town. Basically, we just put the deli dishes that they were in into the tank and removed the lids. After about five minutes, the Usumbaras had hooked up about 3 times. The angle they were doing it at, it was hard to see if they he got a good insertion, but I think so. Here's some pics:

The other two breedings didn't go quite as well. When we tried the seemanni, it seemed as if I didn't feed up the female enough before the attempt as she did not have loving on her mind when she went after the male. He took off, and we got him out of there and will be trying again. Probably in about a week.

While Debby and I were there, the tiger rumps did nothing but sit in their respective enclosures. Of course, after we left, Savian told me that the male started going for the female. We'll keep you all updated with our breeding experiment.

I think the next breeding project is going to be P. fasciata.......



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Aug 7, 2002
Very cool!...

Very nice pics.
Regarding the Cyclosternum fasciatum, I managed to breed my female about two months ago. It did take a while for them to actually hook up. For a month long, I tried and tried. The male was willing, very slightly drumming his I legs and pedipalps. The female showed no reaction. After about a month, he moved in and she reacted, also, VERY slightly, tapping. They finally hooked up, mated.
The male let go, but couldn't get away. I heard a very audible crunch, then I broke the two up. He came out alive, but missing one pedipalp.
I'm still awaiting the outcome of that breeding.
You should enjoy the P. fasciata. Pokes seem to make terrific mothers. I managed to breed Poecilotheria rufiata in 1999, and I didn't worry once about my female eating the eggsac. Very cool, Poecilotheria are.


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Jul 17, 2002
very cool pics! Seems that the Usambaras are the lovers of the arachnid world! I never noticed any aggression towards one another with the ones I've bred. However, there obviously was some, since the weekend I was gone to ATS, the female ate the male ;)
But they can live together for quite some time.
I have not had success getting any eggsac though, so it's a bit puzzling.


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Jul 17, 2002
It looks like the male had some luck. (I hope) He made another sperm web. He's reloaded and ready for some loving. Let's hope the female feels the same.:D ;) :)