brand spanking new scorpion "owner" has some questions


Mar 8, 2007
As you can see from the title I am the proud new "owner" (using the term may be a better term) of 2 emperor Scorpions. One (Raziel) is Larger than the other (Windermere), but they are supposed to be from the same litter(?). Im not sure if they are boys or girls yet, or even how to tell. From day 1 Ive had problems; namely with a sales clerk who obviously was talking out of her a** from a certain pet store that shall remain unnamed selling me a junky heating mat. Nevertheless, I am very quickly falling in love with them, and like a proud new parent I have my concerns. obviously its the basic are they eating enough, are they warm enough. Today a whole new batch of problems jumped into my lap! I went to check on them to mist them this morning and coldnt find Raziel, the larger one. I poked around a little and lifted up its hut and found nothing but a claw sticking out of the dirt! I know they burrow but do they cover themselves in dirt or did its tunnel collapse? I cleared Raziel off quickly and it started running around and seemed fine; It went right back into its hut. Is this something I need to watch out for ? The other probem was that the crickets I got (from the pet store that shall remain unnamed) have those white mite bug things on them and I found 2 in my tank this morning. How to I kill them or get rid of them? Will they harm my little guys? Can I catch them? Any tips are greatly appreciated
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Nov 19, 2006
The buried scorpion is not a problem. Mine do this from time to time; I'm not sure if it's a tunnel collapse or if they actually bury themselves, but they don't seem to mind. Don't try and excavate them, as they probably think something is trying to make a meal of them and stresses them out.
As far as the mite problem goes, I'd use the search engine and check out some pics of ones that are harmful and ones that are just eating the garbage in your tank. If you're worried about it, there is plenty of information on how to keep them 'quarantined' while you clean out your cage, like keeping them in a clean tupperware dish with just paper towels. Check around first, though, my experience with mites is limited at best. Key words: mite, problem!:D
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