brand new 5 lot of Spirobolidae Tylobolus, tips and suggestions would majorly help!


Jun 18, 2010
So, I have never owned millipedes before, but my Chilean Rose has no complaints about her life of luxury, so I thought I might go for dream #2; Giant Millipedes.
Price point was my only concern, and I stumbled upon Ken's website where he was selling a 5 Lot of Spirobolidae Tylobolus for 15.00, and it seemed too good to be true! It being in my nature I implusively bought them just minutes ago. I have plans to move my two hermit crabs to a smaller container and when the millipedes arrive (hopefully alive!) I can have their old ten gallon home at the ready for the newest members of the family.

My only concern is that there are very few accurate caresheets for millipedes on the web that are species-specific, and the one I just can't seem to find is for a Spirobolidae Tylobolus. I really want to take care of my new pets properly, and a good start would probably be beneficial.
Starting now I have about a four day deadline until my millipedes arrive, so, maybe we could get a few heads in here and collaborate on preffered humidity, temperature, substrate, food, and other tidbits?

Much appreciated!

Elytra and Antenna

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Sep 12, 2002
Congratulations! Those are pretty hardy and don't require care different from other common species. Spirobolidae is a family and Tylobolus is a genus.