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Dec 28, 2010
100% Positive!

I'm actually surprised that there wasn't a review thread for BradPitbull & I'm certainly honored to be the first here!

100% Healthy/Active Animals & Exquisite Packing Skills

I’ve ordered some animals from BradPitbull and it was a flawless transaction!
100% survival rate and extremely healthy/active animals which was proven by their ferocious appetite once I have housed them individually.
For this, i sincerely give credit to BradPitbull's exquisite packing skills and his tender loving care for the animals he breeds :worship::worship::worship:

Superb communication

He kept excellent communication with me throughout the transaction which assures me greatly and he even checked back with me once I got the animals if everything was up to my expectation. Even though I received the animals 2 days earlier then the expected date! I truly admire his professionalism doing what he does, with Pride!

Generous Overcount

I am more then satisfied to receive a very generous overcount of freebies which includes some 30pcs of Hottentotta Hottentotta, 2 beautiful tarantulas slings and a very healthy and gorgeous adult pair of Rhopalurus Junceus which starts their passionate mating rituals at the very first day I received them! :drool::drool::drool:


BradPitbull has been more then a dealer to me, he willingly shares his knowledge on his breeding projects and you can sense his sincerity in building a long term dealing relationship with the people he meets. He holds a great variety of animals and offers them at very reasonable prices. After getting his animals, I’m truly convinced of the top-notch quality of his specimens. I would recommend him to anyone who seeks for quality animals from a man who is humble and with integrity. We truly need more people like him in this hobby! :clap::clap::clap:

I will definitely be back for my second order! :D