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Brachypelma emilia

senor ocho

Old Timer
Nov 4, 2003
Yep, no BS, Brachypelma emilia bit me. Twice, actually. HOW did it happen you ask? Well y'all, pull up a chair and I'll tell yuh.
It was at the Daytona Reptile Expo Aug 20, Saturday. A customer was interested in seeing some 1.5" full color B. emilia juveniles. I obliged, and picked up the first one I saw. It was unusually jumpy from the onset; alternating between a panicky sprint and a desperate hop on to my left hand. I coerced it back on to my right hand, and continued to digress on how awesome a species B. emilia is, and how they rarely get pissy. Well, mid-sentence I feel two pin pricks in the area of my palm just below the thumb. I glance down to see the spider raise up and bite again. I thought to myself "The little bas---d just bit me!" :confused: The customer was none the wiser, as I never let on that there were some thumb snacks going on. :clap: I put the cute furry creature away and picked up another without further incident. 5 minutes later the area in my palm began to itch, and continued to itch for 10 minutes.
So, no damage done, but I just had to share my astoundingly retarded experience. And people wonder why I don't keep HOT snakes....well there's the friggin answer!


May 20, 2012
Yes my B. emilia bit me about 10 minutes ago.He is just over 2in. I was gently herding into his new enclosure with my hand (Yes I know it was stupid,completely my fault) and the little sucker turned around and tagged my middle finger.So far no swelling or redness.No pain at all.My finger moves fine but I do feel a slight numb feeling.Really minor, on a scale of 1-10 it is a 3.
I will update in a hour.

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30 min after the bite I had slight swelling which has since gone away.No redness,pain or irritation.