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Brachypelma albopilosum


Old Timer
Apr 16, 2003
Well my VERY docile curly gave me a shock today when it decided to attack my finger.

He is only a little guy - maybe 2 1/2 to 3 inch leg span.

I was cleaning out left over food from his tank when he leaped from his burrow and tagged me on the finger.

No reaction at all, the poor little guy hardly even pierced the skin. Just ended up with 2 little pinprick holes in my finger

Guess its a good lesson to learn since im new to keeping T's - even the most docile can suprise you.




Old Timer
Apr 1, 2006
Ah, nothing incredible. I was handfeeding a 3"er, (the only one I handfeed!) and she tried to get the crik. Turns out, I'd left my finger too close to it. One fang in the crik, the other in my thumb. Since she was trying to kill it, I got venom in me. Very little local swelling, a little redness. Like no pain. But don't expect much more from one that size.


Old Timer
Aug 1, 2009
Well.. This is my first bite repot... Soo.. To make it simple.. My little albopilosum of only 2.5'' DLS mistaked my finger for the cricket.. Not her fault! I was shewing a little cricket to her.. She jumped for it.. Missed it and got me index finger tip.. It has been about 20 minutes since the bite.. It got a little numb for a few minutes.. No swelling.. No redness.. The numbness is almost gone..

Welcome to my moment of ignorance.. Next time I will get my tongs! ;)


Aug 1, 2002
My only Bite (so far)

My only bite came about a year ago (I recorded the date, but don't have it now - Fall 2009). Anyway, I had a cage get flipped over and I picked up my Brachypelma albopilosum Honduran Curly Hair tarantula - adult female and I had just picked her up, covered in substrate, I was worried that she'd been hurt and wasn't worried about getting bit, but I picked her up with my fingers underneath her and practically in her mouth - no wonder I was bitten - that was my first and only bite from my tarantulas and I have kept them for years.

This bite was probably a dry bite as I had two holes, no bleeding, no numbing, just localized redness - it felt like a mouse or hamster bite (to me) - Immediately as she bit me and as I realized that I did have my finger on her fangs and was bitten, I flipped her back into the substrate, she landed on her back with legs wiggling and luckily she was o.k. as I FREAKED OUT and shouldn't have - I felt bad for reacting the way that I did - but, when you keep tarantulas you must always keep your head about yourself as I have hurt my T's a few times from just NOT thinking things through properly - I'm getting better though and try to keep all sanity in occasional times of insanity, chaos or confusion. O.K., that is my first (and only) bite report - and oddly enough as Curly Hairs are among my favorites I was surprised to be nailed by one of what I call my most docile tarantulas - that's what you get when you stick fingers in their mouth, silly! - and, I'm sorry, as having some very hungry Pterhinochillus murinus Usambara tarantulas that will flat out tackle and NAIL food, I can't imagine trying to 'hand feed' a tarantula - heir eyesight ain't that good - which is about as smart as feeding a hand to a tarantula. O.K., keep it civil, tarantulas are easy to keep and if your mind your basic keeping rules, you should never be bitten:).

Bert Wright
Fellow Tarantula Keeper/Enthusiast


Feb 3, 2012
My also Juvie bit me and it was a little red and tender for a hour and then it iched for another hour and then no more symptoms